Narrow Winter Ahead

14 01 2016


Yosemite Trumpnado

14 01 2016



2 01 2016


Painting in progress “Time to Heal”

17 10 2015
  • IMG_20151017_112129

    12 x 24 ” Oil on canvas

Source: Painting in progress “Time to Heal”

Monessen, Pa from quadcopter

15 10 2015

Long Time No Banana: Catching Up

8 10 2015

I am posting this from my phone. Captain thumbs.

0¢+°b€® ⅞. 2015

I published an article about quadcopters and oil painting. I know, peas and carrots, right?  Published in on page 23. But one of the goals was to land on the map in engineering territory. If I invent the flying laser printer I will need help to commercialize it.

My website:


Altered photo courtesy of movie 2001, Stanley Kubrik dir.

  • School was cool until my daycare closed down. Then my younger son began to regress badly. He is being screened for autism. Learning about autism made me realize I would have been diagnosed with it as well.
  • I grew out of it once I was in a “safe” social setting. My family had been  stalked by a violent felon in Texas, we moved, he followed. I suffered lots of concussions, disruptions of a  social, environmental and famililial nature. Wide spectrum candidate. Toy liner. Refuser of words. Basher of noggin.

Seeing my kid go through this is a nightmare. I have to do more “shared tasking” where I literally help with imputing motor controls by letting him use me as an exoskeleton and guide him through physical activities. He is higher functioning but paralyzed by disruptions.

In the meantime, if anyone wants to hire a mechatronics engineering student with good grades at a top listed school, let me know. I am interested in lithium air battery research and robotics. Peas and carrots. BTW I read abstracts on quantum particle research for ten years and uh, like it a lot.

Empathy test for abandoned shoe

17 09 2015


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The Five Steps That Make the TPP Twist So Darn Catchy

31 07 2015

The TPP Twist is catchy!

  1. Subsidize corporate activity.
  2. Forge trade agreements to allow transnationals to exploit markets without consequence

  3. Make the poor pay for damages, increase force of threats.

  4. Lobby all parties to make both election process and government policy one big PR junket subservient to transnational expansive money-demand.

5.System collapse, run away, kill the poor.

The Path Ahead

The Path Ahead

Hiraoka Masanobu – My New Animation

30 07 2015

The artist’s website

Spaceship Church – Agape Diem

25 07 2015


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