Ten Walls – “Walking With Elephants”, for you runners

10 09 2014

Time to run. 

New Aphex Twin! – “minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix]” off Syro

6 09 2014


Eno + Hyde, “Lilac” off High Life

31 08 2014

Wondrous and lush. I can’t wait for this LP. 

Finished Oil Painting – “Tomato Red” 8 in. x 11 in.

29 08 2014

This oil painting started out as an experiment to see if I could mix oil pints with water-based glitter adhesive. I didn’t like the result, so I painted over it, extensively. You can’t really see it, but among the tufts and the very bottom of the painting, I wiped away the layers of paint to reveal traces of crazy purple glitter. This painting is a warm-up for a larger study of a pile of junked cars. Peace in your feace.

tomato red

 I’m a self-taught painter. This is my second landscape. For sale.

Boney M. – “Ma Baker”, Gangster Disco

23 08 2014


German Gangster Disco? Yes, please, 1977. 

Fundraiser for American Diabetes Association update

22 08 2014

The Hit Me In the Nuts With Things to Fight Diabetes  fundraiser is up and running.

  • Clarifications to the organizer’s website(s)
  • Built a Facebook portal and an event page
  • Clarified and improved the rules for sponsorship and what each level of involvement entails.
  • Included use of a waiver for legal purposes
  • Contacted a representative of a company that sells state-of-the art athletic cups to check force loading parameters
  • Allowed for improvised items to be thrown. For example, a frozen carp is permitted. The only foreseeable limit is the disqualification of jagged, or jagged and dense, or exceedingly dense objects, such as, but not limited to: hatchets, cannonballs, chunks of concrete, bricks.
  • The four default missiles remain as follows: a banana, a baguette, a frozen bag of green peas, or an old man’s shoe will be provided for entrants, sponsors, or passersby.
  • If you cannot make it, your throws can be given away free of charge to strangers walking by at the park, under the condition that they throw the items you have specified, in the order you have indicated. For example, SILVER MEMBER sponsor Ryan Davis has four throws coming to him, but won’t make it, and will opt to have a passersby throw an old man’s shoe at my most prized possessions four times in a row.*
  • Company sponsorship, T-shirts, stickers and medals (hand-etched, custom swag!) are the official gimmicks.If you can’t make it, your swag will be mailed to you, free shipping.

So, thanks for your input, everyone. This is going to be an awesome way to raise awareness of the struggle one endures with Type 1 Diabetes. Again, all proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

Oil Painting – Autumn, No Sunglasses

20 08 2014

8″ x 10″ panel

Fundraiser to Fight Type 1 Diabetes

19 08 2014

Click Photo to Reach Fundraiser

Click Photo to Reach Fundraiser

My brother has had Type 1 diabetes for over thirty years. That’s the bad kind, the one that journalists don’t use to generate bullshit “possible-cure-around-the-corner” articles you see in the news every week. It’s the kind you can’t manage without insulin, and that shit is expensive. And it’s bad.

All proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

F S Blumm – Echo of Our Days

16 08 2014

Minimalist and dazzling. Layered music that intrudes organically into traditional electronic composition, spare and spacious, all cool, no coldness. Studied, a musician in exploration. 

From artist website, discography and collaborative efforts: 

DISCOGRAPHY (summary):
“Esst Obst” – EP on Stetzer (Frankfurt 1998)
“6 Mbiras“ – Split 7inch with Miniklon on emphase (Berlin 2000)
“Bettvanille Weiter“ 10inch on Tomlab (Köln 2000)
“Mondkuchen“ – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2001)
“Ankern” – CD/LP on Staubgold (Koeln ´02) and Tokuma (Tokyo 2002)
“Lichten“ – CD/LP on audio dregs (Portland /Or USA 2003)
“Italian Short Story” – CDR on autumn records (Chicago/USA 2004)
“Zweite Meer” – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2005)
“Summer Kling” – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2006)
“drawings” – 7inch plus 36-pages booklet with drawings on Ahornfelder (Leipzig 2006)
“Up Up Treasures” Split-Tape with Bradien on Poprebop (Barcelona 2010)
“Food” – digital album on bandcamp (Berlin 2013)

DIE AUCH- “Im Ernst” LP on n.Ur-Kult-releases (Hannover 1994)
STRÖM- “Honigtier / Fensterkreuz“ 7inch on n.Ur-Kult/ Dhyana (Hannover/Augsburg 2099)
STRÖM – “Wellenbrecher“ LP on Klangkrieg Produktionen (Berlin 2000)
REBRESCH & BLUMM – “Hoercomics“ CD on Plattenmeister (Jübeck 2000)
BLUMM & MÖBIUS – “20 Lock Grooves” 7inch on Happy Zloty Records (Bremen 2002)
KINN – “KINN” CD on Tête-à-Tête (Berlin 2003)
F.S.BLUMM & FRIENDS – “sesamsamen” CD on Plop / Inpartmaint (Tokyo 2004)
KINN – “KARLSHORST” CD on audio dregs (Portland /USA 2006)
licensed by sinnbus (Berlin 2006)
DAVID GRUBBS & F.S.BLUMM – “music for drawings” 7inch on ahornfelder (Leipzig 2006)
ANNE LAPLANTINE & F.S.BLUMM – “FA” – 10inch on alien transistor (Munich 2007)
F.S.BLUMM meets LUCA FADDA – s.t. – CD on Ahornfelder (Leipzig 2007)
OLD SPLENDIFOLIA – “swaying boldly afar ..” CD on Plop (Tokyo 2008)
BOBBY AND BLUMM – CD/LP on morr music (Berlin 2008)
BOBBY AND BLUMM – “A Little Big” – CD on a.n.o.s.t. / morr music (Berlin 2010)
F.S.BLUMM & NILS FRAHM – “music for lovers, music versus time” CD on sonicpieces (Berlin 2010)
QUASI DUB DEVELOPMENT – “Limousine to the Guillotine” – LP on RumpRecordings (Copenhagen / Denmark 2011) licensed by
Lantern / Nature Bliss (Tokyo 2011)
OLD SPLENDIFOLIA – “utterly heartbreaking” CD on LaBel (Milano 2013)
F.S.BLUMM & NILS FRAHM – “music for wobbling, music versus gravity” CD on sonicpieces (Berlin 2013)

“Die fuenfte Dengelophonie” – 7inch on Dhyana (Augsburg 1998)
“Sylvester Orchester 2000″ – 7inch on Staubgold (Köln 1999)
“Sack & Blumm” – CD on Tomlab (Köln 1999)
“Shy Noon“ – CD on Gefriem (Köln 2000)
“2×5“ – 10“ on Staubgold (Köln 2000)
“Zack Bumm“ – CD on Tokuma / Sonig Japan (Tokyo 2001)
“Kind Kind” – CD/LP on Staubgold (Köln 2003)
“Returns” – CD on Staubgold (Berlin 2009)

with F.S.Blumm, Hörgeräte and DIE AUCH: “Silke Arp – bricht Miniaturen” CD
on n.Ur-Kult-releases (Hannover 1996)
with Rebresch & Blumm – “Musik fürs Wohnzimmer – 21 Klangbeispiele in
Zimmerlautstärke” CD on Monika (Berlin 1998)
with Sack & Blumm – “Deutscher Funk 2″ – CD on Caipirinha (New York 1999)
with Sack & Blumm – “Santa Monika“ CD on Monika (Berlin 1999)
with F.S.Blumm – “For Friends” CD on Tomlab/Audiodregs (Koeln/Portland 2001)
with F.S.Blumm – WIRE (CD in Feb.- Issue) (London 2003)
with F.S.Blumm – “FORK ENDS” on Audiodregs (Portland USA 2004)

MUSIC FOR FILM (Selection):
‘New York is disappearing’ by Heiko Kalmbach (11min. / USA 2000)
‘Aprés tout’ by César Campoy (27 min. / France 2001)
‘Turtle Monkey’ by Heiko Kalmbach (18min. / USA 2002)
‘Las tetas más bonitas del mundo’ by Eneko Obieta (22 min. / Spain 2003)
‘If one thing matters …’ a film about Wolfgang Tillmans by Heiko Kalmbach (70 min / Germany/USA 2008)
‘Die Ex Bin Ich’ by Katrin Rothe (88min/Germany 2009)

“Die Wirrnis Deines Daseins” (Berner/Schültge) 53’10” (ORB / 1997)
“Die schnupperbunte Rininat Rebresch und Perdie Blumm
Hörspielminiaturenradioschau” (Berner/Schültge) 53’00” (SWR / 1999)
“Formal Radio“ (Berner/Schültge) 16’00” (SFB / 1999)
“Sandmanns Ohren“ (Berner/Schültge) 48’20” (WDR / 2000)
“Die Rückkehr des Sohnes der schnupperbunten Rininat Rebresch und Perdie
Blumm Hörspielminiaturenradioschau schlägt zurück” (Berner/Schültge) 28’30” (SWR / 2000)
“Das musikalische Kaffeekränzchen mit Irmtraud Schnobbel”
(a fictious Music-Show) (Berner/Schültge) 54’19” (BR / 2001)
“So sieht’s aus im Jahr der Maus” (Berner/Schültge) 44’44” (SWR / 2002)
“Im Bann des Psycho-Pudels” (Berner/Schültge) 38’30” (WDR / 2002)
“Die See sticht zurück – Das Cabaret Voltaire im Jahr 2002 ” (a feature)
(Schültge/Theiler) 50’00” (SWR / 2003)
“Jenseits der Deadline” (Berner/Schültge) 47’18’’ (DLR / 2004)
“Funnsbo sieht rot” 8’13” (Berner/Schültge) (SWR/2005)
“Die Abenteuer des edlen Don Alfonso” (Berner/Schültge) 47’55’’ (SWR / 2009)

“Bongo & Elke“ (Berner/Schültge) (SWR / 2000)
“Die Hörspielwerkstatt” (Berner/Schültge) (SWR /2009)
“Stein auf Stein” (Schültge/Theiler) (SWR 2010)

Short Radio-Plays for Deutschlandradio-Kultur (“Wurfsendungen”):
“Sprachfehler” (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
“Da war eben so ein Geräusch” (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
“Herr Behrlich” (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2004)
“Träume” (Berner/Schültge) (DLR / 2005)
“Im Wartesaal der Gerechtigkeit” (Schültge/Theiler) (DLR / 2008)
“Aussenseiter” (Schültge/Theiler) (DLR / 2009)

Awesome New Games

15 08 2014

 huff race 5huff race 3000 3

taco jesus 2 taco jesus banana taco jesus 4

white rabbit 5white rabbit 3

great shark 2 great shark 3

snot invader snot invaders label

pcp 1 pcp 6

nap invaders nap invaders label

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