Play this and meditate

1 08 2014


So I give: (play this and meditate)

I remember the time I saved a bird that was snagged by a hook on a fishing line tangled in some bushes. The bird was frightened of me until I held it gently and explained to it what I would do to back the hook out of its flesh. It completely relaxed and let me. It flew away. For the rest of the day I felt like I had fulfilled my reason for existing on Earth. If nothing else, I was given something impossible. this. We have to give. We have to give.

Oil Painting – Sweet Cavity Resonance – Week 7

28 07 2014
Radical rework of upper portion

Radical rework of upper portion

VIDEO: ‘Ghost’ attacks news reporter in Pennsylvania home

26 07 2014


I’m going to go to this house.

Originally posted on WGN-TV:

[ndn id= 26456744]

FOX43, a local news station in Central Pennsylvania, recently went inside a home in Hanover, York County. This home however, is different from others on the block. The homeowners say their house is severely haunted, with multiple ghosts and other entities.

Homeowner DeAnna Simpson says her family has lived in the home for seven years. After putting “everything they had into buying it” and moving in, she says she and her husband found out it was haunted.

Simpson has many ghostly photos, including some from something that scratches people who come inside. She also has audio recordings of voices, children laughing, and dogs barking that were not in the house.

“Five plus,” she says of the number of ghosts in the house. “I have some here that are protecting me, some women here that are protecting me, but the majority are bad, dark forces, inhuman.”


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Action Bronson Hits a Port-a-Potty In the Middle of Concert, Never Stops Rapping

25 07 2014

NSFW – Lyrics



Bronson was performing his song “Shiraz” at the Ottawa Bluesfest on July 12, 2014 when he had to board  the Blue Dr. Who bus. Solid gold!



A Ride on a Funicular

17 07 2014

I shot this yesterday in Pittsburgh while I rode upon the Monongahela Incline, the oldest continuously operating funicular in the United States, to Coal Hill.

I like Mogwai and Godflesh, so I made a fan video of a track off the LP entitled  A Wrenched Virile Lore called “George Square Thatcher Death Party” (Justin K. Broadrick Reshape) – 5:07.



Oil Painting in Progress – Sweet Cavity Resonance – Week 6

16 07 2014

The composition is nearly complete. I had about an hour to work on it today. I am still trying to bring back the face, and now I am populating the lower right with synchrotrons and a hydroelectric dam to feed them. The prominent one, the one I’ve sketched into the picture, the ring-shaped building,  is the British one used to spy on everyone. Last year I became intrigued with synchrotrons because it seemed like the most economically advanced countries were scrambling to build them. Then the NSA story broke. I thought they were being used to model particle collisions. Looks like they’re being used to track people’s data footprints.

Looking forward to finishing this with kites flying from some of those ledges on the floating islands. I’m going to encase the dude’s head in a plastic bubble, then vein his crown. A handyman came to fix a plumbing problem in the house and ducked into the basement while I worked on this. He was sort of disturbed by it. I told him it was from a dream. He said, “You must have some pretty strange dreams.” I told him, yes, I did have strange dreams. Don’t we all?




Excuse Me While I Kiss the Shame!

15 07 2014

Nonomura Ryutaro lawmaker freak-out jam

Great Essay on Rising Equality vs. Pointed Sticks

14 07 2014

Here’s an excerpt from a fascinating and furious article penned by a zillionaire from Seattle, published by

So forget all that rhetoric about how America is great because of people like you and me and Steve Jobs. You know the truth even if you won’t admit it: If any of us had been born in Somalia or the Congo, all we’d be is some guy standing barefoot next to a dirt road selling fruit. It’s not that Somalia and Congo don’t have good entrepreneurs. It’s just that the best ones are selling their wares off crates by the side of the road because that’s all their customers can afford.

- Nick Hanauer, wearer of the fancy wool “manager pants”

This is the capitalist I would get behind.


Forecast: slightly cloudy with a chance of revolt

11 07 2014

From The Onion

Oil Painting – Sweet Cavity Resonance Week 5

9 07 2014

I had zero time to paint in June. My kids were out of school, I got bronchitis while training for a 40-mile trail race…in the middle of a run-everyday/blog-everyday virtual event…while researching and writing about a reportedly haunted Quaker church. Painting got shoved aside.

The face went blank. Will refer to initial sketch-up to get the mischief back in the character’s expression. The rocky cloud over his head gets soft grass ledges, kite’flyers for scale. Lots more work.








Dude what happened to your hair?

                                                                                                                       Dude what happened to your hair?


Love the expression.









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