Two squid vs. two bananas? Which one stuffs the turkey better? Oh goodness me.

21 11 2014
Maybe a turkuid...wrapped in bacon. A Baturquid?

Maybe a turkuid…wrapped in bacon. A Baturquid?

I’m trying new things. A little surf n turf just went Kanyeballs. I’m thinking of wrapping the 23 lb. turkey with bacon, stuffing it with roasted squid and banana puree! I honor my ancestors.

Two Rainbows Today – Pic

7 11 2014
One side in Fredericksburg, PA, the other in Millsborough a mile or two away.

One side in Fredericksburg, PA, the other in Millsborough a mile or two away.

Pondersaurus on the Theory of a Parallel Universe

31 10 2014

“Is it possible that the coordinates of matter in the universe are also joined, arbitrarily, by coordinates in other dimensions whose fundamental force interactions differ from ours?”

“The answer is candy corn is nasty.”

608 Bird 2.0 (BETA) – Oil, 16″ x 20″

29 10 2014
Hah, those two clowns!

Donald brought a blood loaf

“608 Bird” – Found Painting, Oil 10″ x 16″

21 10 2014
Authentically Priced

Authentically Priced

Nick DeWolf Goes to Emeryville, California 1971 – Oil on canvas 2 x 16″ x 20″

10 10 2014

1010142206a (1)

Link to original photo by Nick DeWolf


Fidget Bridge – Oil on canvas, 8 x 11in

9 10 2014


Hot Patties

8 10 2014

Where Hot Pockets are born.

Halloween Hack – Tiny Edible Gelatinous Eyeballs

4 10 2014

Basil seeds. Boil a Tbsp in two cups of water for about a minute or so, drain, chill in cold water, drain again. I like them mixed with a touch of honey and sesame oil. Anyways, they’re virtually flavorless.

Boiled Basil Seeds

Boiled Basil Seeds

They look like eyeballs. Boo! I like them in cocktails, drizzled on desserts or salads, or mixed in a mild juice. Also known as  hạt é hay hột é là một loại hạt của cây húng quế hay cây rau é. Helps with the pooper. Merrily thus.

Upgrade My Donkey Cubers

30 09 2014

Tim Jankowiak

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Juneathon? ABsolutely!

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