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14 05 2015


Type out a beat. Use sample beats for fills.

TIL – Check my old harmonica for spiders before I play the blues, or not.

13 05 2015


Sketch – Young Bruce Scratches His Own Back

7 05 2015

Pen and crayon


Oil Painting – Cha Cha Chapped Lips

29 04 2015

cha cha chapped lips

A Quiet Evening Twisted by Neon Blobs in Oakville, Washington

16 04 2015

I fixed the containment grid, but something happened to my eyes. On the way home I noticed these orbs in my driveway. I touched one. it burned, and a jolt of electricity shot through me. There was something crawling into my mouth, a jelly blob. I couldn’t stop it.


A neon large intestine flew down from the sycamore tree and tried to stab me with a potato latke, a burnt one. I called the saints. I rolled some quarters. It was Wednesday.




They hissed and snapped. They circled my car, my house, trying to get in. I cowered on the floor in house. I couldn’t breathe I was so scared.


More snakes arrived. The wind was hot, but the rain never fell. Somehow they got in through the door. They attacked me. I blacked out. When I awoke, they were gone.


I made some pancakes. I hummed tunes.


Neon doldrums



A lovely parlor is useless without lovely lighting.


I smeared ghosts with wine, talked with sparks flying from my throat like struck horses.


Fifteen thousand empty nights.


Fifteen thousand empty glasses.


I sold my soul to a florist. She felt uneasy about the exchange but took it nonetheless. I adorned this table as a ghost floral arrangement for fifteen thousand days and nights.



The creaking of a dozen rocking chairs, the smell of eucalyptus and creosote, the walls running with fetid oily sweat. Outside, a strange gelatinous substance rained down and filled the gutters and rain barrel. It tasted like star fruit.

I shall never see sunlight. I live in the darkness in an old rotten piece of fruit.

056 057

Sunday Jam – Dead Rider – “Blank Screen” experimental rock, Chicago

12 04 2015

That Moog make me think of the group Tobacco

Dalek Relaxation Tape

22 03 2015

Oil Paintings in Progress x 2 – A Time to Heal and Dirty Jokes

12 03 2015

12″ x 24″

A Time to Heal: Stage 2

A Time to Heal: Stage 2



8″ x 10″

Dirty Jokes: Stage 2

Dirty Jokes: Stage 2

I Love Mochi!

6 03 2015

MOCHI is a Japanese rice cake made out of glutinous rice pounded into a paste and molded into a shape.  During the mochitsuki event in Japan, otherwise known as the mochi pounding ceremony, mochi is made.  In Japan, it is a traditional food mainly eaten during the Japanese New Year, although it is served throughout the year.  Mochi can be made savory and sweet.  The sweet version is known as Daifuku, which are round glutinous rice balls filled with sweet ingredients such as red bean or white bean paste.

I can’t keep mochi in the house.

Rocky Top Farms, a banana portrait

3 03 2015
Rocky Top Farms

Rocky Top Farms

I grew up a simple farmling, riding bananas, rustling splits.

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