Did Lanza Retaliate Against Asperger’s Reclassification?

Did Lanza Retaliate Against Asperger’s Reclassification?

Did the anti-psychotics Adam Lanza was taking cause him to regard the reclassification of his disease as a threat? Asperger’s will be lumped in with autism diagnosis next year according to the American Psychiatric Association. Autistic people are known to have violent episodes as a result of taking their anti-psychotic medications, such a s Ritalin. I am going to be exploring this.

What is stimming?



 And, I know he doesn’t really care about people, it’s so obvious! He’s just there, in his own world, and people are either annoying to his world, or not. And that’s it. There are many autistic children now becoming adults. They DO need to be protected from anything that could cause violence – guns, knives (this boy I know pulled a knife on his sister because she interrupted his stemming!)


I used to obsessively line up Hot Wheel cars and use my pencil as a pool stick, all day. i kept one in my pocket, was withdrawn, and went to behavioral disorder classes because all I did was read, and was disinterested and uncommunicative with other people. But, I outgrew it. 

If you’re a weird kid they try to drug you. If you don’t take drugs, they assume you’re taking illegal drugs. Happened my whole life. It got to where I was tempted to take illegal drugs and be associated with that personality type so I could lose the “crazy” label. Oh, he’s not crazy, he just smokes weed. It was…more acceptable once people could relate to your condition. Most kids had smoked the ganja, so they felt comfortable around my weirdness. Without that context…well, the stigma persisted. Sucks donkey balls.



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