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My neighbor won the local mayorship in recent municipal elections. He was a Trump supporter, and I suppose he is still in the Democrat’s corner. I was curious about other elections in western . PA, so I used the links above to check the election results from the Primary from a few weeks ago. These jobs don’t pay well, just like most part-time jobs. Now with more perfunctory reading material.

According to PA’s legislation (2014) Chapter 8:


The mayor shall have the following duties:

(1)  To preserve order in the borough, to enforce the ordinances and regulations, to remove nuisances, to exact a faithful performance of the duties of the officers appointed and to perform any other duties as shall be vested in the mayor’s office by law or ordinance.

(2)  Except as provided in section 1006(4) (relating to duties of council), to sign papers, contracts, obligations and documents as may be required by law.

(3)  To collect any costs and fees received and to pay the money into the treasury, except as provided in section 10A05(b) (relating to salaried mayor not to receive certain fees), to report to the council from time to time on the state of the borough and to make recommendations to the council on matters of borough concern. The borough shall furnish the mayor with the necessary dockets, books, forms and files as are necessary for the conduct of the mayor’s office and which shall be and remain the property of the borough and be surrendered to the mayor’s successor in office.

I broke down the races into categories. Some precincts had both parties representing candidates, though the vast majority of the precincts only had the support of one party. Some precincts had no one representing a political party. I saw one mayorship won by one vote because only one person voted. That’s ridiculous? No, it’s NORMAL. This place is a SHITSHOW.

Monessen Mayor Louis Mavrakis’ outspoken support for Trump turned him into a media sensation. The 79-year-old former union organizer helped decode Trump’s appeal in the Rust Belt on Sunday political talk shows and for major newspapers, where he was quoted saying things like: “If ISIS was to come to Monessen, they’d keep on going. They’d say someone already bombed the goddamn place.”

Th number of people showing up is pathetc. Twenty percent? You lost your vote, you stupid fuckers. If you don’t participate, get what you deserve, amirite? The level of apathy is lethal. If you had five people in the room, but if only one of them get to decide the outcome of the group, that’s a republic.

The low-turnout and the high polarity is fertile ground for divisive movement within both parties. Why can’t we have a serious development in the profile of our national and local elections? Why can’t we grow local syndicalism? Why can’t we organize around economic, driven dynamics? PA is a crazy patchwork of boroughs and townships and confusing overlapping authorities. Because you can’t have any serious development in the system, it get’s a lot of fake-ass push-pull by national fronts to public interests. They dump into local races. I didn’t check to see what kind of industry is in the towns where BOTH parties bothered to show up (fuck both of you, you piece of chits, for not bothering to represent the whole of a people. How do I interpret cherry-picked results? The same way I interpret tortured gerrymandering of districts to contain the poor. Not much here to take, huh? Not a lot to steal, to fleece. Everything is already  GONE. Our town spent three years to raise money to build an aluminum pavilion that is no bigger than a  Hot Topic. Zero people use it. Why not raise money to lend to local people, support a local business?

Here is a breakdown: No candidates from a party, both showed, neither showed.

  • NO REPUBLICAN SHOWED UP: …………………………..66 races
  • NO DEMOCRAT SHOWED UP: ……………………………..13 races
  • NO ONE SHOWED UP:………………………………………….4 races
  • BOTH SHOWED UP (and who won):……………………..12 races (Ds WON
  • RACES REVIEWED: ……………………………………………..95

Being mayor is much more boring than I imagined, and it’s not because people generally do not vote in local elections and don’t give a shit about anything not on TV or Facebook. Here’s why.

The mayor also looks after roads, sewers, other public utilities. Mayors can issue curfews and decide what can or cannot be sold in its bureau. If mayors in big towns receive about 50 cents a head per citizen in municipal area, then my neighbor picked up about $2500 in gross pay to look after roads, sewers, and other utilities, in PA. It’s different in different place, just like Murica: Different in different places. Our horrible lead-pipe water system is being replaced, but the Mayor doesn’t care because water is privatized in Brownsville. Not his problem. Of course, if only twenty percent of eligible voters turn out to vote for mayor, the elected mayor cannot expect much in return. A strong turn-out will produce a more engaged mayor, maybe one shaped like a frog.

We don’t have strong local leadership because we are a shitty democracy. If young people stop voting they might as well start digging graves because our leaders will mach them into conflict to keep them busy.

See: American race relations, proxy wars, endless criminal engagement with terrorists (it’s not war, it’s just pursuit of legal closure), fractious social narratives.
















































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