Strange 1975 psychological horror film “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud”

NSFW – Nudity, Sexual Situations

When college professor, Peter Proud begins experiencing flashbacks of an earlier life, he’s mysteriously drawn to a place he’s never been to, but which seems familiar and where he soon finds his previous incarnation’s wife. – IMDb

Polka, tennis, Crystal Lake , unreliable narrator, bell bottoms, drinking, colonial Jesuit-inspired hokum in first daylight scene, cozy psychiatry, Margot Kidder, tiny tennis rackets, idle and horny college professors acting unethically, all the best that 1975 had to offer, said someone, probably.

The protagonist is a college professor who is seen in his classroom lecturing about Jesuits visiting Native Americans when he suffers a mysterious sharp pain in his hip and has to cut the class short. I studied Native American Religions in a course at USF about twenty years ago, and, out of respect, I usually never discuss stuff about it with anyone, especially during the day. As someone who can claim 1/64th Cherokee blood, I do not belong or identify with that particular group of people, nor any other, owing to books, observation and travel. I am a nonce, a ghost.

The trope of ‘spooky stuff happening because Native American spirits are restless because of the crimes committed against America and its People by Caucasian settlers’ is a sloppy, trite set-up mentioned in the scene at around 5:25 – It’s another form of exploitation, but the protagonist isn’t really a hero, so I was just waiting for his sad ending. The rest of the movie has nothing to with the culture. It’s just a prop. Geronimo died today in history. Geronimo is an amazing spirit. Here is a little bit of background for that set-up.

The Jesuits arrived in New France in 1611 and began to learn the native languages as a way of carrying their message to the people. The Indians found the Jesuits to be different from the other Europeans they had encountered as they did not seem to want land, furs, or women. They only wanted to live in an Indian household so that they could learn the language. Initially the Jesuits, who were often called Blackrobes, were well-liked because of their quiet manners. However, the Indians considered them to be poorly educated and perhaps somewhat retarded as they had little understanding of the spiritual world.

As the Jesuits were learning the Indian languages so that they could begin their spiritual mission, France was making plans to send more colonists and to redeem more souls for the Church.

In 1625, three Jesuit priests and three lay brothers arrived in New France. They were financed by Henri de Lévis, duc de Ventadour. Father Charles Lalemant, former professor of grammar, literature, and mathematics at the Jesuit college in Paris, is placed in charge of the mission. Later historians would call this small group of determined, disciplined, highly trained, and militant members of the Society of Jesus the shock troops for conversion. The French merchant in the colony, however, did not welcome the Jesuits as they feared that converting the Indians would interfere with the fur trade.

Basically, the rest of the movie is a metaphysical crime story where everything gets weird (as I write this, I hear my cat vomiting in the next room, very appropriate).

I originally wanted to write a debatable question: Which is better TV tomorrow, Roaring Kitty aka Keith Gill aka /u/DEEPFUCKINGVALUE testifying before congress about Game Stop stocks, or Perseverance’s sky crane delivering a spectacular new rover to the surface of Mars tomorrow, February 18, 2021. The only way to skip the decision and get both pleasures is to use the Operation Gateway tapes, after you read Gill’s polished prepared testimony beforehand, and simply watch the congressional hearing from Mars through mental projection. Sounds easy, probably is not easy.

Dude reincarnates and comes back to date his daughter, eww! “The best is yet to come!” Eww! I am grossed-out, but I cannot stop myself from watching it, either. The ending is, well, time for other things. I don’t think Peter thought out what effect this would have on demented Marcia, but it seems to me that the message is – keeping your thoughts to yourself is a crime, for better or worse, and stay out of the way of water vessels.

courtesy of film, Youtube, not Jeff because Jeff was a complete jerk.

Bonus: Andy Warhol’s Blood for Dracula is MUCH better.

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