MILOV – Music I for Looking is Be On Vinyl  I like weird and obscure music. Stuff with context is superb, but often, like meteorites, stuff just falls right out of the sky, alien and compelling. I’m going to dig the smoking fragments from the mud of popular culture.

I like vinyl, I like old record players, I like analog. I hate MP3s, DVD. Old, solid-state. Vacuum tubes. I like filling my house with the sound of an old diamond biting into shellac, gliding along vinyl, tearing wax. Scratching a record. It’s like an audio “uh-oh”. It’s like an elemental “wth”. I want old dangerous noise LPs to play on analog systems.

There will be vinyl love. I won’t know what I’m posting until I can’ find it, so chill out.

  1. MILOV –  Violent Onsen Geisha [Que Sera Sera (Things Go From Bad To Worse)]
Que Sera Sera (Things Go from Bad to Worse)
Que Sera Sera (Things Go from Bad to Worse)


2. MILOV –  Flying Testicle [Space Desia] The next one on the list, yes, you guessed it: I’m dropping some Flying Testicle off the super-duper-group’s 1993 release Space Desia. Here’s a taste. I want this foot of noise. I heard this once, ONCE on the radio fifteen years ago…and spent fifteen years trying to find out who or what this was. I am incredibly inefficient, and that’s okay. It’s not that bad. Listen to “Night Falls”.

Space Desia

Space Desia
<br />3. <span style="color:#ff0000;">MILOV</span> <span style="color:#ff0000;">- <span style="color:#000000;"><strong>Massive Attack vs Burial [Four Walls/Paradise Circus] </strong>This was a limited pressing of 1000 singles. Only a thousand, and they all sold within the first day. The LP has written on it "Inhale Gold" which makes me think of <a href=""><em>this guy, and this guy is ridiculous. </em></a></span></span>

<a href=""><img class=" wp-image-8898   " src="" alt="Massive Attack vs Burial &#91;Four Walls / Paradise Circus&#93;" width="360" height="360" /></a> Massive Attack vs Burial [Four Walls / Paradise Circus]&lt;span style=&quot;color:#000000;&quot;&gt; &lt;/span&gt;

&lt;span style=&quot;line-height:1.5em;&quot;&gt;~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~&lt;/span&gt;

4. &lt;strong&gt;&lt;span style=&quot;color:#ff0000;&quot;&gt;MILOV&lt;/span&gt; - Dr. Fred and Alien Porno Midgets [High Altitude Over Our Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua] &lt;/strong&gt;sounds like it was recorded in an airplane hangar with a microphone stuck in a bottle of gin. Looking for this album will cause you to run into all kinds of porn. That means it&#039;s an album you can&#039;t even really talk about at work.  What if someone went looking for this and got something naked instead. This album will get your friends fired. Merry Christmas.

<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-8901 " src="" alt="alien porno migets" width="300" height="300" /></a> High Altitude Over Our Little Grass Shack in Kealakekua

5. <span style="color: #ff0000;"><strong>MILOV – </strong></span><strong>REHASH – The Rehash Extended Player  </strong>FOUR TET, Rehash, Wilson & High-C, Flying Lotus, Ras-G, TAKE. <em style="line-height: 1.5em;">A1. Round Lounge Suite     A2. Live By The Brook Baby    *    B1. Gratuitous Theft In The Rain</em>

<a href=""><img class="size-full wp-image-9104 alignleft" src="; alt="found" width="165" height="165" /></a>

Pretty obscure, <span style="color: #00ff00;">FOUND</span>. Lovely rehashes.<strong><span style="color: #00ff00;"> <a href=""><span style="color: #00ff00;">There's a side A</span></a></span></strong> and <strong><span style="color: #00ff00;"><a href=""><span style="color: #00ff00;">a side B</span></a>.</span></strong> If you don't like either one, C is out the door! Cool beats.

<a href=""></a&gt;


<li><strong>MILOV</strong> – Ramones – first single off self-titled debut album, "Blitzkrieg Bop" / "Havana Affair"</li>

<a href=""><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-10949" src="; alt="ramones milov" width="319" height="320" /></a>

<a href=""><strong>Found</strong&gt;, too $$$ buku.</a> It's the Ramones. Hooked on first listen. It was almost instantaneous. I knew this was rock 'n' roll. Without a doubt, this was the shit, man.


  1. New Wet Kojak

  2. Miles Davis/ John Coltrane

  3. Igor Stravinsky, Moscow Radio

  4. Bud Tutmarc Paradise Isles

  5. Shellac

  6. Shellac

  7. Charlie Megira

  8. Unwound

  9. Nurse with Wound

  10. Black Flag

  11. Rage Against the Machine

  12. Carl Stalling

  13. Fats Waller

  14. Pink Floyd

  15.  Can

  16. Amon Duul II

  17. Melvins

  18. Jesus Lizard

  19. Ennio Morricone

  20. Van Morrison

  21. Sun Ra

  22. Lee “Scratch” Perry

  23. Elvis Costello and the Attractions

  24. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds

  25. Harry Pu$$y

  26. Boredoms

  27. Smog

  28. The Shaggs

  29. The Police

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