Oil Painting in Progress – Sweet Cavity Resonance – Week 6

The composition is nearly complete. I had about an hour to work on it today. I am still trying to bring back the face, and now I am populating the lower right with synchrotrons and a hydroelectric dam to feed them. The prominent one, the one I’ve sketched into the picture, the ring-shaped building,  is the British one used to spy on everyone. Last year I became intrigued with synchrotrons because it seemed like the most economically advanced countries were scrambling to build them. Then the NSA story broke. I thought they were being used to model particle collisions. Looks like they’re being used to track people’s data footprints.

Looking forward to finishing this with kites flying from some of those ledges on the floating islands. I’m going to encase the dude’s head in a plastic bubble, then vein his crown. A handyman came to fix a plumbing problem in the house and ducked into the basement while I worked on this. He was sort of disturbed by it. I told him it was from a dream. He said, “You must have some pretty strange dreams.” I told him, yes, I did have strange dreams. Don’t we all?




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