Double greybow

24 07 2016

This would make a nice painting.



On the 1,400th Sol, NASA’s rover Curiosity is shooting rocks with lasers on Mars

24 07 2016

Here is a link to a JPL article showing what NASA’s semi-autonomous robotic craft is doing on the fourth planet, on the 1,400th Martian day of its mission. Blasting rocks and checking out the goo. Awesome.


Paul is laminated on the bus

19 07 2016

The morning coffee,

a decision against cream,

more traffic,

less belt, pull bell cord,

more lines around the eyes,


less Billy Budd, Sailor,

less Plath,

less claws, yon scuttlers eternal

clutching less, Paul worries about

an empty ocean beneath deep space,

nothing less.



The Secret Life of My Wristwatch

19 07 2016


12″ x 16″ oil and mixed media on found art


This is a companion piece to Companion Piece, not same found artist.

Both Companion Piece and The Secret Life of My Wristwatch were tactile transformations of forgotten and damaged paintings found in SW Pennsylvania.


An abandoned suburban golf course in Florida

9 07 2016




Honeymoon Beach, Florida

8 07 2016


Valet So Pale I,II

5 07 2016


Oil, 2 x 18″ x 24″, Images used by permission, from the estate of Nick DeWolf. Taken from photograph in Emeryville, CA in 1971.

Flight was delayed, so I had time to finish these.

Valet So Pale

4 07 2016



18″ x 24″



Firedog Suite

29 06 2016


Bogey Nights

29 06 2016


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