Fundraiser for American Diabetes Association update

The Hit Me In the Nuts With Things to Fight Diabetes  fundraiser is up and running.

  • Clarifications to the organizer’s website(s)
  • Built a Facebook portal and an event page
  • Clarified and improved the rules for sponsorship and what each level of involvement entails.
  • Included use of a waiver for legal purposes
  • Contacted a representative of a company that sells state-of-the art athletic cups to check force loading parameters
  • Allowed for improvised items to be thrown. For example, a frozen carp is permitted. The only foreseeable limit is the disqualification of jagged, or jagged and dense, or exceedingly dense objects, such as, but not limited to: hatchets, cannonballs, chunks of concrete, bricks.
  • The four default missiles remain as follows: a banana, a baguette, a frozen bag of green peas, or an old man’s shoe will be provided for entrants, sponsors, or passersby.
  • If you cannot make it, your throws can be given away free of charge to strangers walking by at the park, under the condition that they throw the items you have specified, in the order you have indicated. For example, SILVER MEMBER sponsor Ryan Davis has four throws coming to him, but won’t make it, and will opt to have a passersby throw an old man’s shoe at my most prized possessions four times in a row.*
  • Company sponsorship, T-shirts, stickers and medals (hand-etched, custom swag!) are the official gimmicks.If you can’t make it, your swag will be mailed to you, free shipping.

So, thanks for your input, everyone. This is going to be an awesome way to raise awareness of the struggle one endures with Type 1 Diabetes. Again, all proceeds go to the American Diabetes Association.

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