Google killed my traffic

Thanks, you grubby trolls. My bowl is empty. That is not a banana.

There’s no boom, go home Google

I removed most of the ads from my site. Google does not pay small fry anything. I had a better time before Google came in and o’ershadowed my “non-SEO” site with it’s giant, mothering vulture buttocks, trying to hatch a paycheck out of me.


I have another site where I was able to manually put my own SEO into the website to get traffic analysis. I need to explore the ability to appeal to the duckduckgo and mozilla crowds. The model is not sustainable. I am a real person with real needs, and I am more than a “person” like a corporation, I am an interdividual, a rooted thought machine, a bumbling dimension among others, a hypershape.

This attempt to box and commify everything stinks of Roman sumptuary law, dressing within one’s rank. Screw you boxes. I am STUFF. I have an ability to change shape. I do what I want. You can’t stick me in a bottle or a can. I am the Intergalactic Medium, I is what I ain’t.

Go do the China dance somewhere else. I am bananas in many forms, more simulation than real. Curved, svelte, sweet, and the best thing about the internet and it’s rather foul fu fu porridge of topical commerce.

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