Space Bigfoot at Chestnut Ridge Poster, oil on canvas, in progress

16”x 20”

Lurid B-movie poster

This poster features two local supernatural tales, the Kecksburg UFO, and the supposed landing of outer space Bigfoot creatures that were driven off with shotgun blasts.

Why not combine these two tales? It takes place at night, so, looking North, the moon is rising from the East. The sylvan glow of the moonlight combined with standard green glowing tractor beams will light up this image.

The challenge is to paint a very dark and murky scene with different light sources of different intensities within a foggy environment, in moonlight, during a power outage.

The shocked faces of ”eyewitnesses” appear in the reflection of the space Bigfoot helmet, lower left. A trailing alien, with its enormous space Bigfoot feet, is scanning the environment with a probe.

  • I added some color

Added some shadows and reworked the Bigfoot face. Brought the floating text into relief. Added blues to the space craft in the foreground. Defined the foreground mountainous pass, threw grease on the roads. The text looks horrible, and it needs to be blockier and weirder. The background needs fine detail.

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