Cover Letter Poem

I went there. It could be the worse decision anyone ever made.

Dear HR Representative,

I like maps. I like data.
I like alligator facts that Everglade ya.
I like apologizing,
this is the wrong way,
to express one's skills,
with the wrong set anyway.

Photogrammetry, CAD,
overlays and accuracy,
Git and comms,
Project potpourri.

I keep my budget and my ops squared away.
Detailed to a fault,
Prepared for the vault,
shopping malls.
Don't give me your salt,
troubleshooting, that's every day.

Some Python, C
I drank black coffee
and I wrote to thee, 

"I studied mechatronics at school
to avoid looking like a big fool
but now I have found
living in small towns
acquaints me with ignorance the rule: 

enjoy the little things,
like chances of getting hired
in the long shadow
of a gentrified empire.

Thank you for reading the cover letter poem. I doubt you'll ever get another one. So, there's that. 
[name redacted]

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