Science Fortnite: Long Reads on 5 Topics: Particle Physics (with Banana Scale Segue), Dust, Leptins, Blockchain, and Navigation

I decided to export a public version of what constitutes about 25% of my journal activity. I let this ride along for about a month. Then I dropped it off because I am literally bombarded with things to do now that Covid-19 restrictions are lifting:


requests to read delightful research papers

strange dreams ( I had a dream within a dream within a dream again after reading occult literature about magick, and created a sigil within the most ‘outer’ dream, which was weird because the only thing I knew about that Thelema stuff was frrom a biography of Aleister Crowley I read drunkenly twenty years ago, and some Greek poetry I’d read at USF )

a return to running that is going well so far

building a drone,

testing exciting new features on a drone,

possibly teaching a drone class

studying the 100+ page new FAA Part 107 circular on drones and other relevant topics of aviation in general

overcoming constant stream of rejection notices from unimpressed employers about job opportunities

getting diagnostic tools to build and test hobby-level prototypical electronics more accurately

a sudden need for a complete revisit to the topic of measuring distances between stars visa bananas instead of parsecs or kiloparsecs to revise the calculations. Digging into these topics of physics, finance, ancestry, identity, and technology blew my own mind in the best possible way. It made me see some errors in judgement, some grave errors in character. I kicked myself in the head and liked it! I mean, for real, I just located a loose formula for determining relative distance of main sequence stars stars from one another from apparent vs absolute brightness, so I can use histograms based on color composites to create a color chart for these stars of sorts.

I want to commit that project to an Excel spreadsheet and Python. Stuff is RED HOT right now.

Learning a new language by translating an old travelogue at about a page a day pace. It’s working. I sometimes can read an article in French and understand most of it, even if I cannot speak the language at all.

Sorry if any of these springboard topics needed more scrutiny, revisions, corrections, and pruning. This is a look inside my creative process., as limited by these aforementioned topics of interest.

The Knots of February 2021: A peek inside my journal

Topics will be added per day, updated throughout the day. Consider visiting this post next week unless process analysis is your thing. This is stretching into another week, until March 5, 2021.

I really got stumped by quantum physics research. Neutrino spin wasn’t hammered out until 2015, and ‘spin’ is just an arbitrary term, and parity violation, Wu sang. Another hidden figure. I mean, when I go to a dance club, I want to see everybody have a good time.

Unfortunately for my readers, this entry is basically turtles all the way down, a generalized quicksand. I got something out of it, but not what I was looking for: a poetic connection between leptin and leptons in order to produce an octave, a poem of eight stanzas with eight lines each so I could put a twist on octonions. I am just going to put this down for a couple of days and come back to it on Monday 8 March 2021 (edit: I never did). I have been going through a period of bad insomnia, and ‘wrasslin’ with preguntas’ usually helps me hit some deep points.

I also wanted to get into edge computing/cryptocurrency, but I am still trying to find a poetic link between leptins and leptons that don’t conjure in my mind the idea of big-butt particles. Sad. There is no poetic connection between leptons and leptins for the moment. Leptons are force carrying neutrinos that are said to exhibit left-hand spin. It’s stuff in a field with extremely little mass.

Incidentally, the professor who gave me the most insight into physics at Cal U was a woman. I read her research and learned from the projects she furthered. I attended her classes and eventually learned what my younger classmates – I was old enough to one of their parents – fluidly ascertained and developed nomenclatures and byzantine forms of annotation and schematics for logical circuits, the basis for object-oriented programming languages, stuff they would be able to use to build chips using assembly languages like R. I don’t know jack about R. I still lack sufficient skills in programming, but I have read enough research papers to find analogues in unlikely sources, and when I was pursuing my research project, I was sorry she did not not advise me, because I would have directed to produce some programming.

I figured she would push me harder, but the college didn’t really entertain research in the fall semester, so she handed my work off to a colleague, my CAD professor, a mechanical engineer from Texas A&M. He was cool, too. I was an outlier in respect to my age, my academic background, and my schedule restrictions due to being a dad – I was probably the only person who had to haul a 9-year old kid to Calculus class because I couldn’t afford day care on the odd day my remote-working wife had to visit clients when I had one of my three classes – but he saw I had a project worth developing.

I went to NASEM to an award ceremony named after a woman that semester. The award was given to a woman by another woman, but when I walked the hall where the photos of the past leaders of NASEM were placed, and it was a lovely building in which to do that, I looked at the yellowed portraits, and I saw it was just a long line of white men, in 2018. I was not aware that Marcia McNutt had taken the reins of the National Academy of Science a year before. I didn’t see her picture on the wall. Maybe I was in the wrong hallway.

I was definitely there as a guest, wearing a shirt cadged from employees at a nearby kiosk associated with the Lincoln Memorial. I was wearing a shirt that said ‘guest services’, had a picture of a pineapple, and the embroidered words ‘tennis tournament’ embroidered on the sleeve. It was a pink golf shirt, a size too small. I had to wear it because my own was wrung with sweat from a humid mile-long trek across town. So, when I went to the AIAA award ceremony, I was sketched out in inappropriate attire. I was both mortified and amused, but at least I was dry. I had a lanyard that associated me with my university, and an appetite, both for knowledge and shmeared bagels, oh my!

These are just topics that leave me guessing. I ponder these things for decades. I write about physics, biology and art. Sometimes when I tie seemingly dissimilar ideas together, its a royal mess, like leptons and leptins, crikey! And sometimes, within this comical brew, in the inchoate are the wild beginnings of a idea. Sometimes someone else benefits from my struggle. That’s the idea.

Project Seque, Scuzi

I have been busy with kids and Covid-19 for the past year, but I hope to use some sensors on a drone a paintbrush tool. I am going to make aerosol paintings using the vortices generated from a quadcopter, a real messy project.

I will use an optical recognition system to give me data to fit some curves for motor controls, stuff like that. My family sold some land and I got some money and blew it on an oscilloscope and function generator so I can test electronics, two-and-a-half years after graduation. My first project will be to build another drone before April 1, 2021. I want to be able to test the PID controller to optimize the duty cycle and stuff like that. I am concerned that my soldering will be-sub-optimal, so I want to be able to tweak it. Also, I am building from a kit that was popular a year ago, so I get a bevvy of FAQs to see what went wrong. The fault analysis is the crucial part of the project. As soon as it flies, I’ll be bored with it until I put a payload with a tool on it, a device that shoots paint – it will probably damage the efficiency of the stators with flying paint, but it will be a pretty mess to put on the wall.

I also sometimes do things arbitrarily in order to make me fond of things I am purposely keeping myself from doing. For example, I stopped translating an old travelogue in order to study up on and kanoodle about these following topics, and take a purposeful seque or two when I need to really ponder something, like particle physics instead of lame drone projects.

Particle Physics

Standard Model – Where are the right-handed neutrinos?

Is supposed to offer a complete picture of how the universe works, but it does not offer such proof. It’s an approach that sort of works. Things break down at inhuman scales, inside black holes, inside solar entities, in jets of electromagnetic waves flung from rotating stars, especially at incredibly small scale, where the mere act of measuring something destroys it. The Standard Model has some old turf. There are subatomic particles and hypothetical subatomic particles. Some of these particles are still hypothesized, though, and the search for new physics to describe theoretical relationships are just that, hypothesis worthy of tests. There are always new research opportunities in quantum physics, so if you just want some news, click here and move along.

Neutrinos were named so by Enrico Fermi, an Italian dude who fled to the US because of racists in Europe. Like a lot of Jewish people, his wife felt more comfortable in the US, and here, Fermi invented and tested the first nuclear reactor, and turned brilliance into patents, all owned by the US in wartime. Fermi used Fourier analysis and Ricci calculus to dive deep into acoustics and emf phenomena. I still need to learn Ricci calculus. I understand it in theory, but I have yet to grind out solved equations. If I am able, it’s on my list. When he dug into X-ray crystallography, he found a way to express mass as a changing dynamic thing in physical space. .People are going nuts about the chances that you can harvest energy 24/7/365 from neutrinos. So, basically, everything is energy. In terms of being a Taoist, it sure is a big relief to be able to let go at such a profound level. I was carrying around this stupid idea for twenty years, ever since I got in over my head in an advanced astronomy course at Cal U in the Aughts. I was convinced that non-locality meant that we were all just wavy bits. Nothing fancy. We were energy in the quark gluon soup, I thought humans would develop a ‘neutrino kick jet’ one day to tap this energy, and it would reveal a sort of dimension.

Majorana’s work should be an interesting dimension to this work. It is interesting to note that Fermi and Majorana were interested in acoustics. I think acoustic phenomena yield a lot of good information that can be used to modify machine learning algorithms to discover problems of missing mass in the universe, dark matter, or whatever you want to call the missing pieces. I think his work will improve the chances of developing quantum teleportation using entangled particles in cavity resonators. I don’t want to go any further into that topic. That’s science fiction.

I also thought it might be possible to use this energy to overcome the challenges of interstellar travel by using neutrino pathways to fold spacetime and move our entire solar system into range of another that had a super earth, where we could spread out and have more time to survive. It would be like a sail catching a breeze on a dead calm ocean. Except, this wind would blow through us. I have nutty ideas like that. I am allowed to speculate as a science fiction writer, to say when I think I’m just spitballing. I’m just spitballing.

Dirac was somewhat right. Dreamers make good chefs and poor physicists…but over time, these things can change. BTW, I read the whole DUNE series thirty-three years ago, there’s a certain poetry in that sort of spice. This is bad ass!

Also, there are composites of all of these particles. Think of them as cascades that mix as they fall, or perturbations in whorls of paint that sandwich laminar and perturbation layers in seemingly endlessly regressing scales, like fractals, or explode out from a ray like branches from a tree as an avalanche of collisions resolve in trillionth and billionths of seconds. I’s a work in progress because it is yet to account for gravity. The Standard Model holds the promise of New Physics with a capital NP.

Link to Standard Model

The Standard Model includes the matter particles (quarks and leptons), the force carrying particles (bosons), and the Higgs boson.
Figure 1. Standard model, courtesy of

I once thought neutrinos to be the key to make/break of model of standard physics in Figure 1.A. Standard models were meant to be modded, so to speak. CERN is a mack daddy particle accelerator. A particle accelerator spins up and slams particles together within the confines of a field tuned with magnets and such. This model in Figure 1 explains weak, strong and electromagnetic forces, but not gravity. The standard model only supplies left-handed neutrinos, but the right-handed neutrinos can be accounted for involving a lot of boring physics and terms like Dirac mass, leptogenesis, and seesaw mechanism. Seesaws are boring. Pretty soon, machine learning algorithms will make all of this boring, solve these problems, and we can get back to getting toes in sand and books in hand. Cheers to that fantasy, at least. Missing neutrins keep me up at night. I forget how many billions pass through each square centimetre of your body while you dream each night. I think it’s around 18 billion, but the number will change when they discover why there seems to be a bunch of missing, right-handed leptons that dipped out somehow without being verified. Mathematically, they exist. Physically, no proof yet, so NP in the place is ace. To give you a worse idea of what I am talking about, check out Dirac. I love Dirac. On a love of poetry expressed by Oppenheimer – for crying out loud, Oppenheimer? “”The aim of science is to make difficult things understandable in a simpler way; the aim of poetry is to state simple things in an incomprehensible way. The two are incompatible.” Not a charmer, but an illuminated theorist and mathematician.

I happen to believe, because the universe is so old, and, to me, life not improbable whatsoever – I believe in abiogenesis, degrees of animation that can support states of life as forms of ‘standing wave forms’ or ‘persistent forces’ that dissipate differently than ‘inanimate objects’. Do NOT ask me how to draw any lines through those dreamy ideas. They are flying cats. They have claws and mysterious muses. Spitballing.

The Lagrangian Deconstruction – used to display the complexity of the ultimate dynamic system (barring the inclusion of gravity, because gravity, despite gravity, oh gravity, my gravity, no gravity,woe, gravity) .

Figure 1.b. Lagrangian deconstruction of ev’thang, Good enough, courtesy of

There is a sign error in part 3 of the five part equation of the deconstructed Lagrangian formula of the Standard Model in Figure 1.b. Do NOT ask me where it is for at least two more years.

When gravity waves were detected a few years ago, everyone freaked. Einstein had predicted them, and he was right. Gravity waves gave EInstein’s work a new era of interest, and today, special relativity is boring and old, like parachute pants, like Bic pens you find in a parking lot. Oh yeah, gravity and Einstein are like peas and carrots. However, if you visit Einstein’s statue in Washington DC, you would notice certain panels around the big bronze statue are inscribed with his ideas, and some are left blank. The statue implies, as do the sandals on the feet of the reclining figure, that the journey absolutely never ends. There are points of rest, but the search is eternal, for knowledge if it reminds one of peace. The point is, there is debate, and verifiable data models that overlap and solve some of the same problems, and theories of gravity still has some kinks to work out.

I am looking into the gauge theory of gravity and whorls of paint, baryonic acoustic oscillations, and other things to see how the acoustic collisions in the large universe parallel the stuff happening at the very small. I just assume that sometimes there is not a linear progression, and even if there were to be a tidy solution: 1) it would probably be kept secret for the good off humankind- we have a habit of turning technology into weapons; 2) it would take you ten years to learn how to talk about it in front of college freshmen from your average small town and have them understand it; and 3) it would be proved wrong almost immediately, because it always happens like that. 4) Civilations which arose billions of years ago will obviously have a say in what sort of nice things we get to have because this universe is probably a projected fantasy of a – warning, word salad ahead -malfunctioning third rate million-year-old artificially intelligent teenage brane-eating biomass printing dog/Ooort cloud/probability game. Spit to the ball to the ing.

Figure 1.c This is part of a three-part presentation picking up where quantization of string theory in Minkowski space, where serial quantum gravity, conserved in gravitons, sort of give you a foot in the door for putting gravity into the deconstructed Lagrangian formula, courtesy of

MNFR shows up 3 minutes LATE into this lecture, possibly a time traveller? Spitballing Machine Elf?

My interest is primarily in the design of the facilities that are used to detect neutrino collisions, because I can better understand the physics of the detection systems by looking at big material systems, and some of them are elegant and creative. Some of them use lasers, and ‘Edge states of Floquet-Dirac semimetal in a laser-driven semiconductor quantum-well‘ is a fascinating read. As superconductors get smaller and more efficient at room temps, discoveries will continue to reveal more information about force-carrying particles like bosons, and basic components of elements in the periodic table made from quarks. Everything in the junk yard is made from quarks. Quarks make hadrons, and hadrons make neutrons and protons, which you find in…the nucleus. Pions and kayons:

There are many important discoveries in physics, such as the discovery of pion decay (consisting of an up quark and down antiquark) to muon and muon neutrino particles. In weak interaction, W +, W- particles occur, yet no one has seen them.

Mesons with two quarks – pions, 270x size of an electron – and kaons – 4, maybe six quarks, very interesting subjects,and a source of many high energy astrophysics awards and interest. One of these experiments could serve as a key to a locked door, flinging wide an entirely new way of understanding physics, time, and human behavior.

The weak force powers the sun. The strong force binds atomic nuclei, and electromagnetism involves magnetic and electric field interaction. Gravity is not accounted for in the Standard Model. Sometimes, that makes me glad. I worry that the mere thought that successfully describes the unification theory could annihilate our local galaxy cluster, due to some weird weak interaction, some sort of unfortunate, rapscallion of a theoretical version of a skadoosh that melts minds in a malediction of weird, imagined mathematical equations. There is a certain safety in not completely becoming one with the universe. Please do NOT put me on the surface of Jupiter, or in a star. Thanks.

When I grew up, I never learned about quarks, for example. I just asked my wife what a ‘quark was’ and she said she has never heard the term before. Because I don’t talk about them at home. The Higgs boson was found after that bird dropped a chunk of baguette in a vent or something, case closed. CERN go beep-beep-beep, meow-meow. I am ignorant of the reasons people choose to construct their lives. To me, much of life appears to be a charade. The ideas are vast, the flesh is unreliable – not bad, just, well, sort of a disappointment, especially when it comes to longevity. If I had a choice, despite the boredom, I would choose to live for a few thousand years if no one cared.

I was obsessed with neutrino research for twenty years, but then I started finding more and more reasons to look at muons and leptons. Now I am learning about a glut of arieties of these subatomic particles. The process of qualifying the different forms of these articles is not mysterious, but the different combinations yield a huge amount of verifiable data. The problem with the solar neutrino data came from the paucity of discoverable collisions. Scientists found only a 1/3 or roughly half of the amount of collisions available. There seemed to be some sort of hadronic noise or some other source of the collisions NOT pinned to solar production. Now people are discovering them coming from the air, from lightning strikes and muon cascades. More on Figure 2 later.

Figure 2. Muon cascades, courtesy of Maxwell Society’s Annual Conference on Neutrino Physics,  “Neutrinos, the Sun, other stars, and life by Prof. D. Indumathi”


Belle 2,Superkamiokande, Dune, Sno, CERN, others

Belle II in Figure 3 is a more concentrated, smaller program than Atlas at CERN, and it will feature more diversity within its staff, and that means an enriched perspective that better reflects the global community of scientists who are interested in high energy astrophysics. Also, CERN is a big old machine, and, although upgrades to Atlas

FIgure 3. Belle II, courtesy of Belle II

Polarized radiation and the Emergence of Biological Homochirality on Earth and Beyond

What does it mean? How Does it help?

You can throw out the math, though, and just look at the pretty colors and luminosity to determine their distance, as evidenced in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. There are quite a few ways to measure incredibly long distances using parallax:

Subtended angles from points C and D can help scientists find the barycenter of binary systems. In this example, one would usually be concerned with points C and D viewed from A and B, but why cannot this work the other way around? By using the sub-major axis of the elliptical orbits of the two thangs, and using their luminosity, the mass can be derived. Apparent luminosity can be useful, totally helping one derive the mass. With mass, orbital size and period, one can determine dynamical parallax, the distance to the binary system with respect to C and D. The size of a star affects its energy transport design, and this mode of energy transport (think of it as different engines) can differ greatly with scale. Main sequence stars, on the continuum 'between 1 and 6', rate 3.5ish. Math.  

Banana Segue

Figure 4. 1/1,735,476,700,000,000,000,000 bananas away from Andromeda

Unlike stellar parallax (two sticks rotating at a common center point constrained by parallel angles of the reflected conical sections like the cones described by a spinning ‘X’), distances can reach beyond 10 kiloparsecs, or more than 1.7354767e+21 bananas away from you, Figure 4. Because of the curvature of space, it becomes necessary to find more practical methods of measuring things at such gargantuan scale. That is to say, 1,735,476,700,000,000,000,000 bananas are a lot of bananas to verify. This is the distance in bananas from you to the Andromeda Galaxy. That’s 1.73 sextillion bananas away. You cannot find that measurement with a practical banana scale. There, I said it. I put the math back in banana scales. Don’t ask me to extrapolate this in yoctometers (cross-section of low-rent neutrino). I only make minimum wage.

I know some of you would like to verify this distance, anyways, so I suggest you lay one banana after another for 5.5031605e+13 years without a break to complete this task. However, with days off, at eight hours a day, 250 working days per year, you need to get a full-time job for 2.4103843e+14 years. That’s 241,038,430,000,000 years, or a position that could provide employment at $7.25 (the current federal minimum wage) an hour for a grand total of $3.4950572e+18, or $3.495 quintillion dollars, exadollars.

However, if you were Jeff Bezos in 2020, you could have completed your task – at $321 million a day instead of $58 a day – if you were a swarm of minimum wage workers,in a mere 43,552,114.6417 years, so if you started working on this in 2022 on New Year’s Day, you would wrap in about the same period of time, but now you know that you would finish up around August 22nd, in time to stretch, have a good night’s rest, and wake up the next day to commemorate the day Christopher Columbus was arrested by Governor Francisco De Bobadilla in the Indies in 1500 AD and then sent back to Spain to spend time in Stony Lonesome for being a royal jerk. Try putting that explanation on an employee who wants overtime. …AND THAT’S WHY WE CANNOT HAVE OVERTIME. Believe me, in 2.4103843e+14 AD, it will still matter to people living over 10 kiloparsecs ( 1.7355212e+17 bananas) away. Given the number of minimum wage workers in the country, you also need to add an additional dozen states to make the number of minimum wage working clones . It’s just not realistic. You will all perish before any of this is complete. You need robots.

I had to bust out the TI-89 to verify some of these Googled measurements because my kid is screaming and hollering, and my head is just pounding. In Figure 5, if Taoism matters, all data is preserved in a quantum foam that exists in a complex dimension, a seeminlgy scrambled manifold or whatever.

For a visual idea, check out the scales of measurement in Figures 5 and 6:

Orders_of_magnitude_(english_annotations).png (640×2520)
Figure 5. A banana is roughly 17.5131349% the size of that greasy baby.

Why bring up this stuff, well let’s pause at the neutrino level. Neutrinos were the bad girls of the Standard Model. Neutrinos were not supposed to have mass, but they did, anyways. Neutrinos violated the Standard Model. The unimaginably tiny size of neutrinos meant they passed right through everything fairly easily. This blew me away in 2000 when I first learned of them. I was a tapas/sushi chef. Imagine the customers I scared off rambling about stuff like this while dishing out architecturally finessed dishes of spicy fat tuna tartare that looked like a boat because of cleverly arranged and manipulated cucumber garnishes and fried rice paper passing over a shallow sea of ponzu-dappled soy consomme . I was getting paid $9 an hour to exist like this. Tragic.

Neutrinos, the idea of neutrinos reminded me of the way I passed through life, unable to hold onto anyone or anything, a ‘ghost particle’. I was a Taoist out of habit. It was easier to just align myself to a philosophy that was basically concerned with everything being connected. I do this with bananas, but to each their own, everything is connected, and one usually only is able to scratch the surface, in terms of geomorphology, and philosophical derivations may appear deceptively shallow. That’s okay.


I am going to write about dust on Tuesday. I will get into the nitty gritty, and, as someone who liked John Fante, who worked as a housekeeping service manager consultant/project manager/account manager, I know poetic and real dust. I got a job at a youth hostel for cleaning it from a building in 1992. I refused a TA position at a college where I helped a professor snatch a new technology department from the void, and the school gave him a dusty lab he forbade me to clean – union rules, dig, and, had it gone my way, he could have paid me to both clean and help him teach the class, and it would have provided me enough money for day care for my two children at the time. Dust with boots on. Dust in windy Kansas. On that dust. Stardust memories. Picasso loved dust.

Dust of Lore and of Love

As I age, I find my life to be itself dusty and forgotten, hidden under a layer of spreading entropy. Example: when my wife and I married, we decided to ‘research the internet’ for wedding vows that we both thought were pretty cool. We looked high and low, and learned about blessings from many cultures. As a former exchange student, I was raised to consider being more multicultural, to embrace and adopt elements of other cultures in place of dumb ones I found within my own monolithic American culture. I didn’t like travelling halfway around the world to see ’21 Jump Street’ scrawled on kids’ notebooks. I didn’t like the waiters at KFC. GTFO.

We decided on an Apache wedding blessing. We loved it. Our friends and family thought it was poetic and truthful. Turns out, fifteen years later, it was a fake. It was written in the 1940s by a former ad man who had spent some time in the Air Force, nothing Apache about him, except for his undying appreciation for photorealistic oil paintings he has made of Native Americans for dozens and dozens of years. The only interesting part, because surely our vows were not a complete fiction, was finding out that he lived in Cocoa Beach where we were married but HOLD UP…that is also inaccurate! It turns out the ‘blessing’ was actually written by a pulp fiction writer Elliot Arnold, a New York Telegraph feature writer, and the poem was created in a book called Blood Brother which was adapted for the movie Broken Arrow starring James “Jimmy” Stewart, and is considered a good example of fakelore and cultural misappropriation. That is SO much worse than getting a Chinese tattoo that actually says something stupid.

Even in love, I have nothing to hold, nothing at all. I open my hands to the night sky and gaze into infinite obscurity, and then I hear someone belching in a passing car. That’s my life.

What’d you wish, George?”
“Oh, not just one wish, a whole hatful. Mary, I know what I’m going to do tomorrow, and the next day, and next year, and the year after that. I’m shakin’ the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world! Italy, Greece, the Parthenon, the Colosseum. Then I’m comin’ back here and go to college and see what they know, and then I’m gonna build things. I’m gonna build airfields, I’m gonna build skyscrapers a hundred stories high, I’m gonna build bridges a mile long. . . .”

It’s a Wonderful Life

That’s George Bailey in a nutshell, except It’s A Wonderful Life only happens to certain people, not people like me, not broken, confused and disconnected people with no sense of identity that drift without a decent family album. That was the spiel they sold to goofy cheese-eating Caucasians like me and my folks, the Cleavers, the wholesome goons who overran the world after WWII. No, I have never seen A Wonderful Life. It would just make me depressed. To me, it even seems a little psychotic, like something Jim Thompson would have one of his characters say before driving off a cliff high on the reefers, chased by dread loneliness.

I actually would The Colosseum with a stray cat on my shoulder. It wandered up to me, climbed me like a tree, and curled it’s tail around my neck and purred against me, leaning into me on its perch. Weirds. I snuck INTO the Acropolis and visited the Parthenon a week later. That was 1992. I have some poorly exposed photos of both places. I drew the exposed lower floor plan that existed UNDER the Coliseum arena where people fought to the death, in painstaking detail, in 1994, and lost the picture during a break-up in 2002. One day dust will take me from this place, to the sea, eventually into the rock, and will be set free through an obliteration of our sun during supernova, that is if some other calamity doesn’t come first -that would be fine, too, like a fine structure constant. I have a reoccurring nightmare that I will live my final years alone in a boring room with a lamp and a cheap couch, on carpet, a well-lit cell with a constant thrum of a crowd behind the wall, a knowing people, and I am without any creature comforts, waiting for the bulb to pop in the socket. It’s a comfortable loneliness to prepare for, but I know I am just animating dust for a few billion heart beats away from oblivion. Have some teas.

I embraced Taoism because I had been raised in a Christian home, but had been an exchange student in a Muslim home, and had Chinese Buddhist friends at school. I sort of unbuckled my soul from its leash and let it go, for better or worse. I just figured I should accept what was happening to relieve stress. I had too many questions. So, in trying to avoid the “fakeness” of standard weddings, I ended up using an even faker wedding vow. The teas are delicious. I am having Earl Grey, peach, chamomile, and Chrysanthemum dust in my water today, to remind me of my English grandmother, my childhood in Georgia, my travels as a young adult, and my dusty middle-age. Old people shed dust. The entropy of their bodies overtakes the ability to do work. The dust remains. My dust, and my life, really boring. Space dust, not boring at all.

A machine learning based Bayesian optimization solution to nonlinear responses in dusty plasmas

Oscillation-like diffusion of two-dimensional liquid dusty plasmas on one-dimensional
periodic substrates with varied widths

One‐Year Analysis of Dust Impact‐Like Events Onto the MMS Spacecraft

Zodiacal Light Scattered from Dust in the F-Corona

Near-Sun observations of an F-corona decrease and K-corona fine structure

IGN and the Penrose Nobel Prize into “old universe” scars

Dust is lazy

Stuff about Dust


Stuff about leptins

Forward osmosis barrier, NASA tech transfer for poop capsules a-go-go

Leptin (from Greek λεπτός leptos, “thin”) is a hormone predominantly made by adipose cells and enterocytes in the small intestine that helps to regulate energy balance by inhibiting hunger, which in turn diminishes fat storage in adipocytes. Leptin acts on cell receptors in the arcuate and ventromedial nuclei, as well as other parts of the hypothalamus and dopaminergic neurons of the ventral tegmental area, consequently mediating feeding

-wikipedia 02/16/21

Immune system Leptins and Cytokine Storms

There is bi-directional communication and feedback between the HPA axis and the immune system. A number of cytokines, such as IL-1, IL-6, IL-10 and TNF-alpha can activate the HPA axis, although IL-1 is the most potent. The HPA axis in turn modulates the immune response, with high levels of cortisol resulting in a suppression of immune and inflammatory reactions. This helps to protect the organism from a lethal overactivation of the immune system, and minimizes tissue damage from inflammation.[4]

The CNS is in many ways “immune privileged“, but it plays an important role in the immune system and is affected by it in turn. The CNS regulates the immune system through neuroendocrine pathways, such as the HPA axis. The HPA axis is responsible for modulating inflammatory responses that occur throughout the body.[9][10]

During an immune response, proinflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1) are released into the peripheral circulation system and can pass through the blood brain barrier where they can interact with the brain and activate the HPA axis.[10][11][12] Interactions between the proinflammatory cytokines and the brain can alter the metabolic activity of neurotransmitters and cause symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and mood changes.[10][11] Deficiencies in the HPA axis may play a role in allergies and inflammatory/ autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.[9][10][13]

When the HPA axis is activated by stressors, such as an immune response, high levels of glucocorticoids are released into the body and suppress immune response by inhibiting the expression of proinflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1TNF alpha, and IFN gamma) and increasing the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-4IL-10, and IL-13) in immune cells, such as monocytes and neutrophils [10][11][13][14]

wikipedia 02/27/21

The relationship between chronic stress and its concomitant activation of the HPA axis, and dysfunction of the immune system is unclear; studies have found both immunosuppression and hyperactivation of the immune response.

Immune system

There is bi-directional communication and feedback between the HPA axis and the immune system. A number of cytokines, such as IL-1, IL-6, IL-10 and TNF-alpha can activate the HPA axis, although IL-1 is the most potent. The HPA axis in turn modulates the immune response, with high levels of cortisol resulting in a suppression of immune and inflammatory reactions. This helps to protect the organism from a lethal overactivation of the immune system, and minimizes tissue damage from inflammation.[4]

The CNS is in many ways “immune privileged“, but it plays an important role in the immune system and is affected by it in turn. The CNS regulates the immune system through neuroendocrine pathways, such as the HPA axis. The HPA axis is responsible for modulating inflammatory responses that occur throughout the body.[9][10]

During an immune response, proinflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1) are released into the peripheral circulation system and can pass through the blood brain barrier where they can interact with the brain and activate the HPA axis.[10][11][12] Interactions between the proinflammatory cytokines and the brain can alter the metabolic activity of neurotransmitters and cause symptoms such as fatigue, depression, and mood changes.[10][11] Deficiencies in the HPA axis may play a role in allergies and inflammatory/ autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.[9][10][13]

When the HPA axis is activated by stressors, such as an immune response, high levels of glucocorticoids are released into the body and suppress immune response by inhibiting the expression of proinflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1TNF alpha, and IFN gamma) and increasing the levels of anti-inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-4IL-10, and IL-13) in immune cells, such as monocytes and neutrophils [10][11][13][14]

The relationship between chronic stress and its concomitant activation of the HPA axis, and dysfunction of the immune system is unclear; studies have found both immunosuppression and hyperactivation of the immune response.

Figure 7. HPA, as opposed to a HPAT system that includes the thymus, By ShelleyAdams – This file was derived from:  HPA Axis Diagram (Brian M Sweis 2012).png, CC BY-SA 3.0,, courtesy of y’all

Cytokine Storms

The body attacks itself, juiced up and stressed out. It treats over-stressed parts of the body as the enemy. Leptins flood the body at night. The endocrine works on your gut and your bones. Without sleep, you eat your sad. You get stressed Sleep becomes a more elusive harbor of wayward cares. I met a scientist who wrote a research paper on leptins. He told me he wondered how, in my mid-40s, I managed to maintain energy to run marathons, and, in lieu of running, which I had stopped for a year at the time of our conversation, what i was doing to keep from being stressed, because I seemed to’ve lost any of those habits. My presence at a conference had been antic, my eyes swollen as though I’d been hit in the face – but I’d been crying because my mother-in-law lay close to death a thousand miles away, and i wish she could have seen me there. She would have been happy. I was so worried about here, but I was hitching a ride with this guy, and I just bottled all of that up. I just told him I stopped eating bread and wheat pasta. I told him I could drop or gain 10 pounds in two days by carb loading with bread. I’d get inflamed, waterlogged with whatever it was doing to me. I didn’t know if it was cortisol, obesogens, celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or what. I just couldn’t run when I ate bread. It actually made me smell like toast after a typical short, sweaty run of short duration. It cut my endurance. He looked at me like I was crazy, but he was the one with a bad knee and a sackful of boules in the backseat, but I took one anyways , or maybe I didn’t. I’ve never been one to refuse hospitality, especially free food. He dropped me off, and I drove eight hours home jacked up on gas station coffee and slept poorly, for three hours as usual. After another month of that, I had to quit coffee altogether. Sucks. I love coffee.

The cool thing about the guy’s research was that, at any point when the body made a cellular level form of work, there was a trace of leptin, and he had worked out some computation that had linked it to the endothelial system for which some other cat had won a Nobel Prize. The system was newly discovered, in 2017-2018 or so, and linked all the organs of the body, like an invisible fabric, a quantum surface of sorts. It would be used to deliver medicine to tumors, but not before my mother-in-law died of cancer five weeks later.

Endothelial? Tunneling?

Machine Learning

Just a list of resources. Probably redundant next year, and so on. Screw it, just go on to the next section. Everything is either adding, multiplying and exponentiation or their opposites. In a specific, confined order of operations, you get harder math. Harder math means more esoteric notation as a trade-off. That’s why the Lagrangian decomposition of the dynamic structure of the Standard Model looks like it does.


  • Supervised
  • Unsupervised
  • Parasupervised
  • Cluster
  • Regressions



  • Data mining – Data mining is exploration of data for unseen structures, a discovery method. For example, mining data from years of EKG readings or other biometrics can give scientists more information about diseases. You can use data mining to discover the movement of celestial bodies, occlusions from gases, and distortions due to gravitational lensing.
  • Sorting – Sorting mail, sorting items according to a predetermined system of classes, types, events, and so forth.
  • Optical recognition – Looking for objects, such as mug shots, product deformations, quantities and qualities in forms that a person cannot easily recognize, like determining the lat and longitude of the origin of a group of photos based upon the sub-millimetre sizes of shadows upon objects, indicating their position on the globe in relation to the moon or sun.
  • Signal optimization other than vision (audio, emf, whatever).
  • High (or low) energy physics





What is a blockchain? Peer-to-peer secure data transactions in a distributed network. Transparency, Impossible to change (cannot hack and change data), ease of use, reduction in cost to verify and accredit transaction also reduce fraud vectors.

Pathfinding – estimating next position s based on a priori

What is a Kalman Filter?

A Kalman Filter is an algorithm that takes data inputs from multiple sources and estimates unknown variables, despite a potentially high level of signal noise. Often used in navigation and control technology, the Kalman Filter has the advantage of being able to predict unknown values more accurately than if individual predictions are made using singular methods of measurement.

How does a Kalman Filter work?

Kalman Filters use a two-step process for estimating unknown variables. The algorithm works by first estimating the current state variables, and measures their uncertainties. Then, the algorithm updates the estimates using a weighted average, wherein more weight is attributed to estimates with higher levels of uncertainty. Because the filter takes in information from multiple sources, both current state and predicted state, the filter is able to provide a level of accuracy higher than if estimates were made given only one of the multiple sources.
Figure 8. Hidden marchov chain algorithm


Kalman Filter and Machine Learning

One of the most common uses for the Kalman Filter is in navigation and positioning technology. Imagine a car with a GPS transmitter is traveling down a mountain road. A Kalman Filter can be applied to take in the GPS data from the car, however GPS devices are not always entirely accurate. So, the Kalman Filter can take in speed and velocity data to adjust the rate of change in the cars position over time. Naturally, given the laws of physics, the level of variable uncertainty is lower when the car is traveling faster, and vice versa. All of this information is used to predict where the car will be, and then the process is repeated with updated information as the car travels down the road. Because the Kalman Filter is recursive, it doesn’t need to know the entirety of the cars position and speed data, but rather just the last known position and speed. The underlying model of updating information is similar to that of a Hidden Markov model.

Follow this link to an intuitive simulator to show how easy it is to understand the value of a Kalman filter. Depending on how ‘fast’ the cursor’s position changes in the field shows that pathfinding can be achieved as a function of time. A higher velocity means a higher magnitude of the vector, and that eliminates the chance of a shorter next move travelling in a perpendicular or opposite direction. Put simply, it keeps on keeping on.

That being said, any cyclical motion can be finessed with a kalman filter. This means that a Kalman filter is useful for designing a path through a cluttered environment. A Kalman filter is useful for self-driving automobiles. It is a statistical improbability eliminator. It’s basically an economic way to ‘fly blind’ through a cluttered environment. If you watch an insect with long antennae move through an environment with seemingly erratic and random tapping motions upon the surface it travels, whether it be smooth or rough, it is by design. It is basically acting like the sweeping radar dish, but in a buggy way. Linear quadratic estimation does not necessarily depend on the initial measurement of heading and magnitude at k-1. At k and k+1 and k+2 and k+3…k+300, you get, in the absence of any noise or covariance, a straight line of movement, but the k-filter adds in noise, buggy taps, crappy stators, and other shakes and errors of design. This degree of tolerance is needed to build complex systems. If you had a strictly binary truth table of A ->B, any Ax my not necessarily lead to B, unless Ax is defined to be A, and A has implicit degrees of uncertainty. Sort of like my Apache wedding blessing song. I had a degree of uncertainty, so I chose a ‘meaningful’ wedding blessing which turned out to be fake, but that never had much bearing over the result. This is the nature of simulations without origin. They take on a mutagenic life of their own, these ideas learn to persist. Memes learn to persist. Memes about GameStop broke the game. Cryptocurrency is basically a mimetic, dynamic, discrete form of pathfinding made measurably stronger through value instancing.

If I give all my money to the landlord, money does not produce value to me. I lose all, landlord gains all. What does the landlord do to ‘balance the equation’. The landlord socializes all risk, absorbs all gains. I work to lose all money. You and I pay each other to lose and derive the funding for things that perpetuate this system – roads, hospitals, day care, schools, injury lawyers, libraries, broadcast media, arts organizations comes from our labor. The profits of that labor, because of ergodicity in the system of fiat currency we use after ditching the gold and silver standard in the 20th century, becomes a derivative of the demand, the foundation of marginal gains at the behest of stakeholders a legal necessity. That’s why you need to work for 8 million years to earn what Jeff Bezos makes. Because the margin of profitability demands an exponential curve in capitalism, nay, a frigging asymptote. It’s hydroplaning on your tears.

Work does no longer mean anything to me. Work means retiring people who need more validation. My poverty is a performative proof of the aggrandizement of dividing by zero. Just like oil prices have no real function of living expenses. Money is a manacle, a curse, a boot upon the face. Saying that hedge fund managers should be billionaires is like saying private prisons should be funded, that the ergodicity of free market structures tendency towards exclusion and structural cannibalism are ‘correct’, but uncorrectable. That’s stupid. Too big to fail is a failure, it’s dividing by zero chances of failure. That’s so fucking stupid and unscientific. Tappy McWidestance failed to get random bathroom ass – remember that. I can’t share my seat on the bus because too big to fail is entitlement. Silento tried that defense when pulled over on I-85 going like 134 mph, he tried to use ergodicity, an unavailable reducible quality. When people talk about the American justice system that constantly perpetuates terror and misery because rich people demand the poor struggle, war and die unsung, they are asking that reality be a form of Bigness, Bigitude, Bigaciousness, Bigtacular Bigination, Bigotry. I’m big now. I cry big, I poop big, so what? Childish entitlement. I don’t mean to step on any big frigging toes here. I’m sorry for greasing your path with my corpse. Don’t slip on my slippy funk! I’m never too small to fractionally sustain the growing inequality, like a fuction of spacetime and inflation after the Big McBang Bang.–1485813028675.html

Elmer Fudd in the Middle – No More Gun

Check the Looney Tunes trilogy: Rabbit Fire, Rabbit Seasoning, and Duck! Rabbit, Duck! Elmer Fudd is the message broker that is too stupid to hunt. In telecommunications, it is the weak link for cryptocurrency, the broke-ass vig in gambling, the under-funded hedge fund without enough backing to absorb the losses it claims to manage. Duck and Rabbit constantly vie for rent in Elmer’s head, but Elmer’s solid head is the reason that this trilogy even existed. If there was no trigger-happy imbecile roaming the forest for game, there would be no beef between bird and rodent.

I think these three cartoons are among my favorite, but I cannot recommend them to my kids. The violent slapstick is inappropriate for my younger son, who blurts out lines from shows and games completely out of context.

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