Poem – Thoughts While Drunk and Swimming in the US Treasury Building’s Decorative Fountain

Thoughts While Drunk and Swimming in the US Treasury Building’s Decorative Fountain


I found an Aqua-man action figure!


Bathe in the fountains

As the water flows over me

As the water flows through me, as the water

Breeches the moment where I am separated from the tissues in which I live,

As history passes through my


I open wide the door and

Feel the four directions,

Feel the elements of change

In time eternal pulling me through the path I follow yet

Imagining the connections beyond me

Now pulling me into a network beyond me,

Atomized, as above so below

As within, so without a nickel

Scaling all form

As breath as coins

As rhythm,

As waves


wash over and through me [cheap gong]

Under and unknown to me

That I get to experience

In this Sunday Samsara

East /West pause

Experiencing Tengriism on Yo MTV raps

Experiencing Christianity in the Schadenfreude

Of a million ant bites creating a living dying carpet overrun by its own species

Strata of rock connected to a Grand Canyon of

Healthy social hive works

The earth heaving, cracking

Water and lava tumbling

Like the curl of a Madonna around

The center of a galaxy

Full of waves spiraling out


Words once again sigils,

Runes spoken on dumb tongues

Unleashing forms as they will be spoken


I become a cipher, I become a tool, becoming an instrument

Of precision yet accidentally…

I draw the mess of a war with a certain je ne sais quoi

Into my cage of breath, feel the rumble of heart beats,

Echoes of lack, indeterminate points in time


Microtubulin hierarchal edifice more complex than the Pyramids

My rNA a vehicle I drive, my experiences hard-wired

Into the coded circles of DNA, as they were before me

Passing through me like waves

Resonating from forms pulled from my tongues like

Naked roots of plants yet to have evolved

Sighs of my future ghost carry on the air while

This poem becomes read

And enters the codex of another mind,


Undifferentiated from other errata


And the surface is meaningless, and the substance unknown

And the intestine writhes to transmute the sun into dung

Scat becomes mountain becomes inferno of nova

Becomes tender eyes of loving children looking into gestures of adults

Searching for answers,

For inviting shores to wash upon

In this vast, oceanic diaspora

I become far away even from myself

To return again

To return


September 11, 2011, remembering October 29th, 1990

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