Dream: Mischievous on the Moon

 I had a dream I was on the moon with Cameron. We’d stopped the rover to check seismic anchors, and when I wasn’t looking, he pulled cotter pins from the vehicle’s axles. The anchors were good, so we got back on the rover. I hit the gas and we started forward about twenty feet, then the wheels fell off. Kids.

In order to remount the cotter pins, I had to line up a series of “magnetic tumblers” in the ferrofluid that comprised the connection point of the wheels to the frame. Many parts of the rover were made of liquid iron slurry that held their shape through resonant pulsing of quantum magnets. I have no idea if this is real or not. I remembered I had to wait for 8 tumblers to shift so i could insert the wheels into frame. The axles of the wheels were, of course, simple motors. The surface of the rover was a cybernetic surfactant that charged the rover with energy from the sun, and served as the electronic interface for entire vehicle, sort of like a paint that doubled as a computer. 

One of the wheels had rolled for two miles, far beyond the horizon. One disgusting note: Reclaimed body waste was recycled within the suits to produce nitrogen and oxygen to breathe. We had to poop out in order to get enough air to breathe on the return trip to the transporter. Good thing I’d brought Hot Pockets. 

Cameron’s only five years old, so I couldn’t get that mad at him. By the time we got back on board the transporter, he was already asleep. I put him in cryo still wearing his reticulation suit. It looked like a “onesie” he used to wear as a little baby. Time flies. Tucked away, I went to the lab.  The ship lifted off and began its journey back to Mars. I wrapped up my work a couple hours later and settled into my cryo bed after a nice steam vacuum.  

I went back to sleep and dreamed I was fishing for muppets with stuffed animals for bait. 

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