River bridge, 9:30 pm.  17F
River bridge, 9:30 pm. 17F

This night run happened to be during Storm Hercules. It was quite cold, windy. Tiny, flashing crystal diamonds everywhere in my headlamp. We were to get two to four inches. I don’t know.  The snow covered my shoes, so that’s how much we got. I ran through it, had to kick through it ascending steep hills, and basically enjoyed it. When I started, the temp was 17F. Snow was falling, dazzling tiny crystals, like diamond chalk. Headlamp, two shirts, a sweater, baggy jogging pants, shews. I carried a couple of gels but I didn’t use them. I ran close to seven miles.

Some weirdos stopped and asked me where a particular town was and I told them they were in it, and keep driving straight to see more of it. So, they went left, turned around, then turned back to the left and went up the wrong road. Cars were sliding, cars were creeping slow everywhere. The snow was brilliant enough to let me save my headlamp battery. Some of the homes were decorated still with festive Christmas hickeys, and they looked awesome in the snow.

I would say that Storm Hercules won. You go, Hercules.

I didn’t get cold until the last fifteen minutes. The fierceness of the winds froze out my beard and eyelashes. I was glazed with hoarfrost, which was slightly inappropriate. I decided to call it a night when it hit 14F. Tired. I’ve been getting about half the sleep I need.

I have a race in three days, a half marathon rail trail race in West Virginia. I’ll run at a park along a river in a field about two hundred deep. It’s going to be great! So, now is the time to taper. My real battle is to resist the urge to pile on miles. I’m even writing this piece in short, halting sentences. I’m slowing down.  Tonight’s run was difficult and short. Tomorrow I’m going to do a 10 mile fartlek, and it will be freakishly cold, maybe in the upper sevens or something like that.

Total Janathon miles thus far: 26

Ice beard!