Winter Run in Pennsylvania

IMG-20121227-00639 IMG-20121227-00640

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING WITH AN ALBANIAN ACCENT. I went for a run today in my area. I run in my area. This place called Earth. Many people for to have the jacket and the scarf and have the cold red face, eyes squeezed shut like make pig in blanket around soft eyeballs. I don’t eat the eyeballs, I just notice same relationship of forms in the squinty eye and tasty yet sadistically unhealthy processed food canape` people of this area like to eat, this place called Earth. Is shit, yeah.

But cold? Not. I am not cold. I have coffee because it is cold outside and I am inside. I put the coffee inside. To keep. I am greedy and keep it. If you want for me to share, I piss on you at 9:30. It’s okay, I have lots. It is good to share. But, I am not cold outside.

When you run in snow and ice that comes down like sand and make you frosting cake, you are cold because you were warm, but then the blood is moving. It takes the coffee to the arms. It takes the coffee to the legs, to the face, and the leeps, and eyeballs. It take take take. Is greedy. The air come inside the body, help move the coffee bastard to the fingers and toes, but not hair. Hair is always tired. That is why it doesn’t talk. Is sleepy. My hair is very tired. It just lay down. Is stupid asshole.

But when you run in colt, after the coffee is going, and you are going maybe fifteen minutes, is like summer. I wear shorts. I don’t get cold. But I wear break wind jacket. Steam come out and make ice shell. Am warm like Egypt. Maybe I ride a camel and have a frappe’ with you later. Tee af shazo te! Teea coshee! 


I run and there is only sound of ice crunch underfoot, of wind. I run on white planet, only footprints, but there is deer footprints. I run and look where deer run this morning. Deer not cold, wear jacket. Buy jacket at Bloomingdale’s with credit card, stolen. Deer is also greedy, take take take. It go in woods, come out, many times like rerun. I follow deer footprints to see where going this one deer. Why not? Will be dead soon. Must have adventure. So, I see where deer go, then get bored, because I see  deer looking for special leaves only. I see where deer eat leaves. Cannot make coffee. Does not have electric bill paid because maybe too busy shopping for Christmas? I am not scientist, ask me tomorrow.

IMG-20121227-00642 IMG-20121227-00643

So I run to top of hill and look around. Why going to hill, where ice is blowing hard? My jacket is like lizard skin, have plates. Is greedy for ice, hungry. I go on hill to feed my jacket ice breakfast, because is early. I tell you already I piss on you at 9:30, but you forget. Maybe you are made of hair. Is inside head, and come out. Only hair inside. Where is warm.


So, I look at watch and know I have to go home quickly to see family and so I GO. I run fast back into village and inside. Inside house, is warm. And camera is cold. But it only takes pictures. I think to take picture of coffee for camera, but then you maybe make coffee in your head. Coffee fly away in your head like bird, in clouds. Yes. You can make coffee and keep spirit warm.

Is ghost. Like story. It has no home, only stick to everything like frosting cake. On this planet with pig in blanket people.

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