Janathon: Day 29

I went back to the club again. I ran 2.5 miles at lunch, and went back after work and ran 10.91 more miles. The odd distance was due to schedule. I had to step off the treadmill, grab a selfie and go take care of my business.


Running in this is too painful. I damaged my lungs on Monday messing with it. No thanks! I’m not a bowl of ice cream, I’m a man with feeling, which was located in my left knee. At 4:40 I tore off the velcro knee brace mid-stride and let the weaker limb get loose.

I return to the elements tomorrow night.

It's a five o'clock shadow
It’s a five o’clock shadow

I ran at a 8 min/mile pace. I love the moonwalk you take after running over an hour on the treadmill. Everything’s moving by itself, woooooaaaaahhhhhh!

I ran 13.41 for the day.

Janathon monthly miles: 322.6 – egad, I’m 3/4 of a mile behind my record 2013 Janathon time

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