Heart of the Matter

I used to be crazy for neutrinos. I spent all my time studying them, reading up on research facilities that created environments to detect collisions, and to most everyone I knew, went batshit crazy worrying myself to death over trying to figure out how the neutrino could be used as a pulse-jet kick drive for warping space into a hyperdrive. I’d had a dream about it, and that dream put me on a collision course with neutrinos, something whose name I didn’t even know when the dream visited me one night in 2000, just as I’d enrolled in an advanced astronomy course at the University of South Florida. Once again, I invite the world into the abyss inside everything to meet the neutrino. Neutrinos’ shifty behavior might help explain why the universe has so much stuff in it. Siencenews.org with the article.

Heart of the Matter

Incidentally, last night I dreamed an old friend of mine drove an impossibly small car, about the size of a loaf of bread. I don’t know he, a normal sized six-foot tall person of lanky build, fit inside the incredibly lightweight propane powered vehicle. he raced me light-to-light and just killed it.

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