Janathon 21: Snorkel running


EDIT Note: 27 January 2021 – The quality of the writing reveals the effect that prolonged exposure to subzero temperatures had on my ability to produce a narrative. Notice the disregard for complete sentence structures. Notice the repeated phrases, run-on sentences, and such.

I was having the time of my life, though. I was in the middle of a grueling, self-imposed virtual race in competition with other runners in an event called Janathon. I averaged 11 miles a day, and I ran through serious injury, blizzards, a polar vortex, and chronic bronchial infections associated with years of work inside nursing homes. I had brain fog.

I woke up to a blizzard or some kind of vortex again.

The temps dropped all day. I had a tight schedule and had to run whenever I could.  I ran to a dollar store today looking for a proper snorkel. I ran to a couple of shops and no one carried a snorkel. People gave me the double-crazy look. I was running in a snowstorm, and I wanted a snorkel. I’m in a new movie called That Cashier Is Freaking Out At My Ice Beard and Weird Request.

I constructed a snorkel, tried it, modified it, and it worked. What a difference! It was just 4F when I came in, and I was fine. The snorkel fit down in my parka, and it worked. The warm air I breathed in kept me absolutely jake. But the snorkel kept gagging me. I ran through heavy snow, some places up to my knee, but mostly about four inches thick, like a squeaky Gulf coast beach  in Florida.

I wore the snorkel both on the outside and the inside of my ski mask, trying out both ways. Both ways made me gag. When I got home, I noticed the snorkel ( 3/4 inch clear tubing, beer bong tubing)  was partially filled with frozen spit. Disgusting! Eww!

jan 21 vortex run

I need a proper snorkel. I’m going to use more pliant material tomorrow. I’m going to give it hell before I give up. I ran 11.92 miles today

Looking for proper snorkel

.8 miles 

Gave up on snorkel, returned to modify tubing

1.41 miles

Afternoon run, no snorkel needed 16F

4.17 miles

Snorkel Running

11.92 for day

Janathon miles : 216

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