Dream Too Spicy

I had a dream I commented on a beautiful piece of art. A site published it for all to see. I called something that was incredibly wrought nothing but “mud”.  I awoke in a panic. I am a really amateur painter. I mean, I enjoy painting, but I don’t have any illusions about my relatively meager portion of talent.

I’m still unsure if I did in fact call the picture mud. Maybe I did and the publisher removed the comment. The site administrator declared that my comment did not “compound” the work, but only served as a distraction. Good gravy! I dreamed I was an art troll. Kill me now.

I spent the morning trying to find and redact a comment I think I dreamed about. My theme for the page was also completely wrecked. I don’t know what happened, but an article I wrote had the words falling off the right side of the screen. The article was about rare word usage in massive works of literature. I think I cleaned it up.

Oh tandoori, you make my dreams too spicy! What happened? Yesterday morning the moon was full when I went running. Is there some sort of malingering madness going around?

I wrecked mu car, started a new job, and dreamed a book within a book this week. I feel like I’m going …. hey there, you sexy bananas.

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