Blog Slump Due to Baby Arrival

Our family just added a unit, a small and soft little bald man with a fringe of hair between his ears, looking like a frail little puckered grandpa. My wife and I have been scrambling to find a babysitter, to get the furniture placed, to get everything ready while we both juggled heavy workloads, and other responsibilities. Carrying a baby should be considered a form of endurance sport. It requires an adjustment to all habits, special clothing and consultants, specialists and nomenclature that makes for the new units – I know, they’re babies and I keep calling them units – an easy transition into this sentient plane of existence to be shared by family and community.

So, I’m on baby hiatus. I’m learning again how fragile life is. Learning to respond to the baby’s limited vocabulary and immense needs.


We are happy to usher in this new chapter of our lives. I’ll be back blogging regularly soon. Laters!

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