Pharmaceuticals and Mass Murder Go Together Like Peas and Carrots

Drugs and Mass Murder. Look at this connection and try to come away with the idea that drug companies are used to getting their way. Figure it out.

I think it’s weird that big pharma is getting so many people to take these crazy freaking drugs. Adam Lanza’s toxicology report? Nada. I am not surprised at all. This is what some folks call corruption. Please look at these articles before making a decision to put yourself or your loved ones on these dodgy drugs.

Perhaps before being prescribed these drugs a physician might want to determine whether or not the patient would have ready access to firearms or other lethal weapons. That information would be protected under HIPAA. It’s bad enough that these murders are happening, but why can’t we get an organized effort to hold big pharma accountable for bullshitting the public, for turning physicians into retail salesmen, for destroying people’s lives for profit?

I expect a showdown between gun and drug interests. Isn’t that what created the accelerated explosion of violence and erosion of communities from the Drug War? Big pharma wanted market share. Booze masters wanted market share. Seriously.

Sometimes I feel so used and cheated.

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