Day Pics in Pittsburgh, Day Before Marathon

I drove to Pittsburgh today to pick up some stuff and some things. It was a lovely day, so I got some shots  to share.Image

At the Pittsburgh Marathon Expo

For the past six months the sky was overcast basically every day. And it snowed frequently. But today, the air was crisp and clear, very dry. My camera phone had it easy. It would have been nice to linger downtown. The buildings in Pittsburgh, like much of Pennsylvania, remain. A city of brick and steel. 





ImageA city of transformation, of motion. A city of dreams. Bad dreams. Dreams that steal you hat  while you walk the crowded streets of your existential whatnot and so on. Image

A city drowning in the sweat of hardworking Americans. A city briny with the Salt of the Earth. A city of ambition, of greed, of mystery. A land of gypsies and reverse mortgages.



A city which is on all sides beset by the snarling, whining Pine Trees of Lesser Noncompliance. A blot of sanity swimming in an ocean of Demon Children.Image

A place where you get a Number, not a Name. A place I call Pittsburgh. A place where you can whoop Batman’s ass.



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