Walmart Review

In hospital on IV after failing to recover on my own from food poisoning. I was sweating 4 pounds off a night for three nights.

I bought iceberg lettuce mix at Walmart and ate the bag over a couple of days and started feeling awful. When I saw the recall on CNN, I noticed eastern US around me had reports of illness due to sick produce, but I was the first case reported to CDC from Pennsylvania through Pittsburgh Poison Control. I hope my call helped to rally resources to aid other sick people. Supplies are scarce and the staff at Uniontown hospital were so kind, so amazing. They saved my life!

I am recovering on antibiotics in quarantine. I ordered respiratory masks a week ago but they have yet to arrive so I am wearing a shirt on my head that has an image of Trump signing a covfefe order, and the back says “Howbow 2017“.

The part that freaked me out was when they drew my blood. I saw my $5600 deductible pouring into a vial.

I called the manager like Karen and said I would be sending them the bill. The manager chuckled and said it “didn’t work that way”.

“The hell it didn’t. What is your name? Huh?! What is your-“

He hung up on me.

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