I Was A Patient In Search of My Disease – Tick Tick Tick

I got crazy sick last week, almost went to the hospital. I’m still sick. I never get sick. Ever. I had been bitten by a tick, and two weeks later I had what I can only describe as an intense all night writhing, moaning flu scenario where I thought my head was going to burst and I was wearing a jacket in my upstairs bedroom with no A/C  and it’s like 88F in the room and I’m cold in a winter parka. I was moaning, for hours, writhing on and off the bed. I actually got NO sleep that night. I paced the house and decided to go to work at 4 am.  I still waited three more days to get to a doctor. All the while I’m shaky and weak, nauseous.

I waited two weeks to get to a doctor to get doxycyclene after the initial bite, but I might have waited too long. All the while I feel like garbage. Seriously, I just ran a 40 mile race two weeks ago over Mountains and More Mountains. I usually feel terrific.

Hello Borrelia miyamotoi, the bacteria of my disease. Nice to finally put a name to the regurgitating proboscis. Are you looking for me?

Screw You I Have Over Thirty Deadly Diseases! I Don’t Wear Clothes. I Don’t Even Have Any Hands. I Win! I’m Tick! Hooray!

I hope not. I don’t want the “relapsing fever” this illness will bring.  

article from http://www.rawstory.com

Other symptoms experienced [imagine pizzicato strings, list read by Morgan Freeman] :

  • Hey kids! I had constant, weird sweats, cold sweats
  • I have spots and long periods of fever, chills
  • I drooled from left side of mouth twice
  • I had confusion at grocery store putting items on conveyor belt and handling the debit card transaction
  • I felt like I was going to fall asleep and vomit at the same time, for a week. Now I only feel that when I think of the NSA, so that’s normal.
  • I am gifted with stabbing headaches from out of nowhere
  • I experience unusual fatigue – ten hours in bed still felt like three hours
  • I have aches and pains and weird crawling skin sensations
  • I have periods of intense hot flashes. I’m a guy, so that’s weird
  • I had cuts that wouldn’t heal, nor stop bleeding quickly. Doxycyclene has helped that.
  • Damnit to hell, Bruce, everything feels weird, objects are too bright! 

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