Looking back at Russian Internet Domination of 2012

I like this quote by Sensi23 26 November 2012 at 9:58 am in response to this interesting article:


What is clear is that the internet can’t stay in the hands of one private organization incorporated in the U.S., mandated by the U.S. and with a root zone file managed by the U.S. Department of Commerce… You can try all the tired caricatures and fearmongering tactics with Putin as a scapegoat, that won’t change this fact.

 This is the immediate response to Sensi23 by tobyjohnson about fifteen minutes later.

I would refer Mr Naughton to the rather better informed article by his colleague Jemima Kiss. http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2012/oct/17/who-rules-internet. There are others. For example seek out two rather excellent analyses recently in the Global Journal. Just to pick on one innaccuracy, in this article, it is simply not true to say that WCIT will be held in secret. Private sector companies, press and civil society organizations have registered to attend WCIT-12 in large numbers.
As full disclosure I work for the ITU.

So, I’m all like whatevs and duh and kewl and stuff. I am beginning to learn about telecommunication acquisitions involving companies like Telenor and Alpha that’s pretty rad. I’m all like, yo, these companies use companies like Camelot Group to get cashflow. Using lotteries to raid pensions. Horrible bastard gambling such and suches.

Large amounts of cashflow. Private companies trying to get access to total internet data and surveillance of whomever they wished. Looks shady enough. Wouldn’t it be weird if someone like the NSA operated a paternal, not-secret and useful system of surveillance? Wouldn’t it be weird if powerful, unknown strangers were buying your data, your private data?
Fine, I live in the Panopticon. I give you the brutal music of Sweden’s  Meshuggah, from the album Koloss released also in 2012. Are you watching?

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