Culturally insensitive ad targeting white, American suburbanites in the 1960s.

Hilarious bloopers from a 1969 Alka Seltzer. I don’t know if I’m laughing at the culturally insensitive target audience’s perception of what Italian people are like, or at the bloopers. Or maybe I’m rude.

I just need some ha-has. I feel like suburban, insular white Americana just had no freakin’ clue what the world was like.

Check out this trainwreckSodium hexametaphosphate, please take me away…in a straitjacket.

If anyone has any of these, please send them to me. I’d like to do an essay on culturally insensitivity, and why ads in particular can be used to reinforce and inform stereotypical portrayals of groups foreign to cushy middle-class America before the recession hit in the 1970s.