Fukushima Response Group is Hiring – Short Commutes to Work

What is going on with Fukushima? It’s been two years  and shit is still exploding in there. I keep hearing that “officials” and “spokespersons” are saying it’s okay, the radiation isn’t bad [explosions and radiation pouring into our living ocean, okay, good job] and just go away and eat hairy armpit American chili dog and the hell is closed the mouths for bad feeling. Screw that shit!

I have little kids, and they need their dad, and I’m not qualified at all with anything having to do with nuclear disasters, but hey, if you have an associate’s degree, some computer skills, experience with scheduling, you could help with scheduling for the Fukushima Response Team.

fukushima diner
Scattered, smothered and bombarded with 400 million neutrinos per square inch, please. Hold the kelp. Shit looks WEIRD.

Yastel Yamada of Skilled Veterans Corps of Fukushima (SVCF). As of last year, YY was working with 700 contracted companies to clean up that ghastly mess before we all die. Apparently he doesn’t work there, or he’d be fucking dead by now. It’s not going very well. Spoiler: people are lying about positive developments. Seriously? Really? Should I be concerned that radiation levels are 18 times higher than “previously thought”? Previous to what? To getting a bunch of lies? I am not getting any mixed messages outside of TEPCO. The place is Detroit on acid. Chillax about at your favorite abandoned Fukushima diner.

But today, KA-BLOOEY!  A 6.9 magnitude quake? That’s a lot of silliness. The good people at Skilled Veterans Corps of Fukushima still have no fucking clue how to contain this lethal dragon breathing death into our biggest and bestest ocean. 

I checked a random blog thread on what Japanese people think of Fukushima bullshit spewing out of the media and TEPCOs hellbroth of glowing shitdeath. None too good. Looks like Japanese people are looking abroad for info on the clean-up. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

  • TEPCO also >> 1 is also shit
  • It will mon such picture diary like a summer vacation 
    I’m suitably draw together on the last day 
    no one palm to check anyway
  • What … are you doing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant leak contaminated water tank, without check recordhttp://www.asahi.com/national/update/0823/TKY201308230295.html further field Toyoshi committee members of the regulation have the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant investigation. To show the check record describing the status of the patrol TEPCO place that was determined, it was found that there was no record of such time when looked around and radiation dose.


I like tomatoes! Fukushima tomatoes taste so good!

Just relax. Don’t think about radiation sickness California, just ignore those crazy high radiation readings in the air. [No one is measuring the water? It’s mentioned, and forgotten. Fuck me running.]

“Although the spike that we measured was very high compared to background levels of radioactive sulfur, the absolute amount of radiation that reached California was small,” said Thiemens. “The levels we recorded aren’t a concern for human health. In fact, it took sensitive instruments, measuring radioactive decay for hours after lengthy collection of the particles, to precisely measure the amount of radiation.”

I’m cussing a bunch because I’m really upset and feel helpless to do anything to fix this mess. Sorry. I think I’ll just move to Fukushima and try to face my fears. Place looks to be pretty darn snazzy. 

I’ll get a job in management. 

Before mitigation strategies can be selected and acted upon, the current situation must be established and probable future developments anticipated. To do that, a panel of independent and international experts must be formed and all these options discussed and weighed before being acted on. This has not happened.

We are still in the “denial” phase of the 5 stages of grief:


The Japanese are burning radioactively-contaminated waste – to disperse it. They are mixing highly-contaminated soil with clean soil so as to reduce the contamination/kg. These are precisely the steps that should not be done. They should be concentrating the waste so that it can be stored safely.


Sadly, the people in charge can only be described as clinical psychopaths:


Of course, the USA is fully aware of all of this and is aiding and abetting the Japanese – thereby putting Americans at risk – from another article I am not citing because everything is okay, nothing to see here, there is no problem, that’s what happens. Okay, good, you understand and – excuse me, I’m melting. Whoops!

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