3D Printer Art – The Future of Footwear Sole Design

I have no way to describe these shapes whose surfaces are folding in on themselves like alien helical structures.


With the CoReFab#116 chair by Ammar Eloueini,

the furniture of Dirk Vander Kooij at Milan Design Week 2012 and the experiments on Makerbots, rapid prototyping techniques are increasingly making their way into the manufacturing side of the creative process.

Not only, but 3D printing resources to manufacture personal digital designs are also becoming more available to the public through advanced replicating machines like the Makerbot and a number of online manufacturing services like d-shape.com. Services that can even create shapes up to 6 cubic meters using a stereolithography 3-D printing process using sand and in a wide range of materials from nylon to stainless steel as offered by shapeways.com.

Although 3D printing for manufacture seems like a new concept innovation, it began being used in the early 2000’s thanks to ‘Mathematical Artists’, creating and selling complex 3D Sculptures also known as Printer Art.

10 years on, although 3D…

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