Best rockabilly/punk/shoegaze this side of the Gaza Strip! Charlie Megira and the Modern Dance Club

A Genius!
A Genius!

The haunting ballad that took my soul, “Tomorrow’s Gone” off The Abtomatic Miesterzinger Mambo Chic . I hear you Charlie!   This album sort of makes me want to fall in love again and kill myself at the same time.

This is “Coochimama Swingers” off Rock-N-Roll Fragments. The sound is so strangely captivating. I think Rock-N-Roll is his best effort overall. There is a wider swath of sounds, gives one the sense of what would come with Charlie Megira and The Modern Dance Club. – new wave shredding!

Shalom it down, y’all –


Best rockabilly this side of the Gaza Strip! If you can find “The Girl Who Was Afraid of Ashtrays” you’ll know exactly why I posted this!

And check out a side project, Charlie Megira and the Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies

Jack the Ripper, Sababa One, Freak Junior, And Now I Wanna Drown in Your Dark Dreamy Eyes, and other fabulous weirdness.

Getting Down!
Getting Down!

Unbelievably good rockabilly/punk/shoegaze insanity coming out of Israel. What started out as a sort of Link Wray opium dream morphed into a strange crossover of everything distorted-guitar, and it worked and at the same time seemed to be falling apart, barely held together, mournful.

Anyways, dance this shit around.

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