The Waiting Room – Soon to Air on PBS – Now With More Vitriol and Blood-Boiling Rage

How Insurance Companies and Profiteers Are Saying Fuck You to America. Don’t Have Insurance? Fuck You. You’re In Pain? Fuck You.

Try something. Call any of your physicians, ANY OF THEM, and see how employees route your call IMMEDIATELY to questions regarding insurance. Because FUCK YOU.

Coming to Independent Lens: The Waiting Room

Highland Hospital, a vital part of the city of Oakland, California, is stretched to the breaking point, with 250 patients crowding its emergency room every day. This film is a cinema verité portrait of one city’s public safety-net hospital as it struggles to handle patient overload in a swooning economy and the constantly shifting landscape of health care policy.

The last time I went to a general physician, I went to get a referral to be tested for Lyme Disease. Instead, they gave me an antibiotic, tested my T-cell count and tried to sell me cholesterol medicine. WTF? I returned for a follow-up, declined the triglyceride medicine – I run a marathon every week and work full-time and eat well and I’m reasonably healthy.  I asked if they tested my triglycerides. No, they didn’t, but push drugs at me for it anyways. They said my T-cell count was normal – if it had been high, they would’ve been concerned. But, my T-cell count has NEVER been normal. NEVER. It’s low due to severe childhood illnesses. So, if they read the results and saw a normal level of white blood cells, that would be abnormal for me. Did that change how I was treated?

Go ask insurance companies about the ruthless winnowing of patients who need doxycyclene in a year where over 100K people have already been bit by ticks in the US this year.”Delusional parasitosis”. That’s right. Because you’re fucking crazy = something they can profit from. Mental illness is considered a “manageable/profitable condition”. How do you get that from a tick bite and get it diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder (with absolutely no physiological evidence supporting this bullshit flim-flam “diagnosis”). Naming something doesn’t mean anything. But an insurance can deny people care based on a name that spells “DENIAL OF SERVICE”. It’s all in my head? Insurance companies don’t want to pay. They weren’t designed to handle this reality. The process of experimentation and verified empirical data set sharing is the basis of scientific progress, but I go to the doctor and they try to sell my blood-pressure medicine.

Just Put Some Pills In My Fucking Mouth Before I Say Something Intelligent

Maybe I need to NOT calm down. Maybe I want MY BLOOD RACING! Maybe I’m finished waiting for the wealthy to destroy my community.

And the medicine they give you doesn’t end the problem, because they profit from your sickness. Your malady is that you’re a bunch of fucking slaves.

I don’t want my kids to have to fight this for me. I’m not a coward. I’m ready to fight. I want real change. If you try to fight it, they’ll try to jail you, to put you down – until they see you winning. Just remember the next generation will judge you much more harshly than I’m jusging the Boomers. They wetre sold the middle-class dream. Now it’s gone. It’s gone.

We need to immerse our environment with nodes of transformation, at school, at home, places where TIME is spent together talking about solutions. Don’t buy into the divisive political “discourse”. It’s a joke. The liberals sold-out fucking ages ago. The GOP is a festering pile of Bizarro-world shitmoney.

I’m sick of this shit!

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