I’m starting a new page of Fiftystatebanana that’s all about my obscurantist tastes in music. I like weird, hard-to-find shit. Stuff with context is superb, but often, like meteorites, shit just falls right out of the sky, alien and compelling.

I like vinyl, I like old record players, I like analog. I hate MP3s, DVD. Old, solid-state. Vacuum tubes. I like filling my house with the sound of an old diamond biting into shellac, gliding along vinyl, tearing wax. Scratching a record. It’s like an audio “uh-oh”. It’s like an elelmental “wtf”.

Anyways, there will be vinyl love. And vinyl explosions. I’m going to bury myself in a KLH portable. I hope to fuse with its diamond after a couple of byrs. Speaking of byrs, I think I need a cold one. The universe is full of cold byrs.

Masaya Nakahara, aka Violent Onsen Geisha, aka Hair Stylistics, the man playing this majestic solo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXaucfMhFVE,

He gave me this. Continuing in this vein, going state-side we have the “supergroup” Flying Testicle with Nightfall off Space Desia. Good luck finding any of these on LP.