MILOV #2 – Space Desia, from noise “supergroup” Flying Testicle

Music I Looking for On Vinyl – Flying Testicle consisted of Masami Akita and Yamazaki Maso and Zev Asher.

A bit on Zed – Born in Montreal to a Jewish family. His father Stanley was an compulsive collector of popular cultural artefacts. A mountain of it occupied the basement of the family home. Zev would mine the ephemera; from the pile he found a frame of reference for the media critique implicit in his pioneering noise and multimedia performance group Roughage. He attended M.I.N.D. high school and in 1986 entered the film studies program at Concordia University. He dropped out after being given his first assignment; an essay on Les Unes et Les Autres by Claude Lelouch. Fronting several bands in the city’s no wave/punk scene of the early 1980s that he, along with Tim Olive, later revisited in the early 1990s as Nimrod.

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