Will the Real Walter Mitty Please Stand Up? – Robin Hood Reborn

1. Create a film about a middle-class miscreant who embarks on a real heroic journey in parts unknown: exotic locale, majestic errand, spice of love interest = epic.
2. Use PR money to emulate journey of character in film to escape scathing criticism and possible legal wranglings for misappropriation of form.
3. Help people, let production company take credit, showing what the public wants is humanity, love and…a chance to really make a difference.
4. Rogue capitalism. Robin Hood reborn.
5. Life imitates art that doesn’t want to imitate art, but experience life. That’s kind of transcendent of the medium. Social activism as a sort of Dantesque rise through the chickenshittery of Hollywood to emerge as a force for good.
6. Help people in need. In itself, it’s awesome to make people happy, to save lives.

this is brought to you by the guy who made those hilarious videos of a bicyclist dealing with cops parking where they’re not allowed to park.

Casey Neistat, modern day hero on an errand to make the world better.

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