Triptych – Enoch Three Times at Ur Door – oil on canvas

This was my big 2013 project. It took me most of the year, This was me getting corrective  glasses (I was going cross-eyed) and rediscovering painting after about an 11 year hiatus.

2013 Project …Triptych – Panel 1: from Melek Taus, Sienna Fable of Adam and Wheat (L), Panel 2: Seventy-Two Jade Rabbits (C), Panel 3: Mini Astronaut On Ruby Poinsettia (R)

This was a conceptual piece that would feature three colors: sienna, jade and ruby. Three approaches: Flemish, modern, and post-modern. Three stories, moving chronologically. The third piece, the Ruby panel, is larger than the other two pieces. The third piece is intentionally unfinished. Down, up, and through.  Circle, Triangle, and Square motifs. Earth, Sky, and Spirit. Beginning, Middle, and End. Each picture depicts an intense longing for these elements, a tension. In the first, there is a longing of agrarian stability, in the second for intoxication, escapism, and the third panel is unfinished, with mutations of scale and unclear intent, but largely unfinished, even bleak. The indeterminate void of the everlasting present moment, a shared event.



Pnl 1
Panel 1


trptych pnl 2
Panel 2



Panel 3


trptych smell

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