Soapberries: Natural surfactant, detergent, insecticide and Native American ice cream

Go nuts with natural products!

Soapnuts have saponin, the same chemical used by quinoa to repel insects. Pros:  Soapnuts are used to make all sorts of cleaning products and work on mild stains, kills odors, and can be used in the garden. You can wash your clothes with a muslin bag of nuts. As a bonus, they also feed pollenators like butterflies and moths, and so promote permaculture, the art of nondestructive and life-aiding farming. The cons: Eat too much soapnuts , might get sick. Saponin stings eyes, not good for children bathing, little babies especially. Trees are difficult  to germinate and  scarification is recommended, you gotta break down the surface of the seeds, crack the hulls for better yields, and trees take nine to ten years to bear fruit.

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