Taco, Jesus, and Banana: Three Tilts

You Cannot Pray a Taco
You Cannot Pray a Taco? Check This Out.

Head Tilt Guide

FIGURE 1 – Taco, 90° to side.                                                           

This allows you to push the upright taco into your facial cavity for happy. With influences as diverse as Derrida and Roy Lichtenstein, new tensions are manufactured from both explicit and implicit discourse. [9] 

Ready for Taco
Ready for Taco

 FIGURE 2 – Jesus, 90° forward                                                     

This allows you to arbitrate space/time for personal projects involving personal gain, charity, or  vendetta. I would think it would be the other way. Jesus is supposedly living in a dirigible, up in the sky. [10] 

Prayers bounce off the earth's core and shoot into space.
Prayers bounce off the earth’s core and shoot into space.

FIGURE 3 – Banana, 0° Head Tilt                                                          

Simple. Banana travels directly into mouth, naturally curving down and blocking the larynx. Success.  “Mr Chairman, on a point of order, I feel it my duty to observe…” And this would be some foppish, dreamy-faced poetaster fresh from a three-absinthe lunch. [11] 

Easy as A-B-NANA
Easy as A-B-NANA


  • Combination of  the movements in figure 2 and figure 3 is not possible. The banana would be unable to be inserted completely because of the angle of the neck.
  • The combination of the movements  figure 1 and figure 2 is possible, but risky. The head would need to swivel from prayer to taco.
  • The combination  of the movements in  figure 1 and figure 3 results in choking. Woah!

Taco, Jesus and Banana: These things depend on your head, so use it! Knowing how to position your head could help you understand how to enjoy these things, help you supply your mind and body and spirit. My hope is that a presentation on safety awareness has added a degree of safety awareness to your lifestyle.

We gotta look out for one another. Live strong, people, and pray some tacos.

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