Chris Hedges Beats the Drum Like No Other

Pulitzer prize winning longtime war correspondent Chris Hedges frames recent activity of the NSA and the prerogative state vs. the normative state as an attempt of the corporate oligarchy ruling our planet to prepare for total domination and subjugation of its citizenry.


I’m going to rant. Fuck it.

Points to consider: The “War on Terror” is a psychotic branding of endless war wherein our security industry seeks to fight or invent enemies of profit in the most profitable and dollar-sucking sector of our national interest. No one actually knows how much they spend, but it doesn’t matter be because the emasculated judiciary is against a corrupt form of centralized economic power operating through banks which are sovereign industries beyond the reach of justice.

Whistle-blowers are jailed or exiled. Journalism is dead. The last time I tried to get a job at a local paper, I was told all the reporters worked in advertising. Howsabout that? The reason I can’t claim a larger readership should be based solely on my inability to craft a decent column, no matter the shade of my disquietude.

The security apparatus is to protect profit margins. Poverty is basically illegal. You can be jailed for being homeless. You can be jailed for being mentally ill. If the FBI and Dept of Homeland Security can’t find any dirt on you, they’ll use your credit ratings against you. A bad credit rating can be used to bar you from getting a job. If I lost my house because I was laid off, then my poverty could be used to keep me from getting a job. Why do companies use your debt against you when you’re forced to go into debt to live in the middle class? Servitude.

The economy that working class people support is a fiction, a hollow promise. Wall Street is fixed, the banks own everything. Our food supply is outside of democratic control. We buy what we are forced to buy. The vast array of technophiliac industries propping up the profit margins of “food science”, of “paper science”, of the energy sector and shady finance is more consumed with the advantages of HOW to keep this doo doo ball rolling, and not WHY it is rolling over everything. Western science turns doctors into shoe salesmen, hawking products they don’t independently test, removing the need for verifiability from the medication that causes more problems than it solves. That’s why when you enter any chain pharmacy in the United States you’ll find you have to pass through aisles of processed foods, ridiculous seasonal Holiday crap – marketing as a form of seasonal profit disorder – and hygiene products that will sicken and kill you. The medicine is in the back. And the medicine isn’t knowledge on how to improve your situation. The medicine is made to continue to encourage your poor lifestyle choices that make corporations rich while you get sick and die. Nutrition deserts are spreading. Even though citizens demand their products be labelled to let them know which foods have GMOs, the FDA ruled against it.  Food industry lobbyists run the FDA. It’s a revolving door. It’s a tradition.

The Republican and Democratic parties are brands. They sell you the idea of what America was, what it sometimes tried to be before it was crushed.

If it weren’t for principled people acting on their need for justice and mercy, we would all be in internment camps. Freedom and equality are never handed to you by your oppressors. The only way to liberate your oppressors from the psychosis of control is to disarm them of the systems of control that bind them as much as yourself. think about that when you go in the booth this mid-term election and vote for someone in one of the two parties receiving, on average, a 40/60 to 50/50 split in big money donations from the same lobbying groups. I feel a need to return to tribalism, to “walk away from the pyramid” as Daniel Quinn stated in his book Beyond Civilization. The power structure is all gussied up with SWAT teams spoiling for a fight even in little shit-poke towns across the country. They have paper tigers for you to fight. They’ll market your revolution, sell you heroes and dispose of your commodified disgust. They’re not prepared for you to walk away from it. To leave your cubicle, your car in the middle of traffic, your warm and familiar couch and wander into the woods, to dress yourself in the detritus flowing from the cities, to construct homes of readily-obtained plastics and tires, to learn how to forage and live like a nomad. I don’t think people, more or less, have the capacity to do this until they realize they’re just afraid. People are scared of being human under their own steerage.

The political system is propped up by lawyers who operate like hitmen, and their weapon is liability, the threat of litigation. Tying crimes to specific times and places is difficult to do, and is based on the burden, the burden, of truth. That burden doesn’t fall upon the accused, yet our justice system would allow the NSA to say it is. The country is prepared to swallow its people alive to feed its greedy, imperialistic advances. The banks that engineered the financial crisis is profiting and will continue to profit  from the same crisis.They just don’t know how to define progress any longer. How can they? Our leaders are puppets. There is no vision in this system, just assimilation and consolidation of power. That’s the goal? At what cost?

The richest 85 people in the world hold more wealth than fifty percent of the earth’s inhabitants. And that is why social media is co-opted and botted out to buy your consensus, to sell you the quietude it requires to continue scooping money. This is beastly, undignified tyranny granulated to the point-of-sale of value transaction. That’s why civil rights groups always urge you to use your purchasing power to move the mountains of influence, because their profits are the only tools you have that their system will recognize. Your bought and paid for elected officials cannot but change when your voices change their system of profiteering.

When war is declared, civil liberties are suspended. Law is suspended. I live in a corporate feudal state. Our planet is being destroyed so a few people can continue to stick a throne on a pile of garbage.

Sometimes i get so sick of this. When I was twelve years old i figured this out, and I knew people would rather seek a degree of comfort than expose a wrongdoing that would take them out of the comfort zone. Power corrupts. Unchecked power will corrupt you, too. You must organize at the grass roots level and find a way to form complex methods of qualitative commerce outside the grids of power. Use the tools they do, and don’t be afraid to make friends of your neighbors. Don’t be divisive. Don’t let race-baiters turn the coin into a wall. Don’t let your boss turn you into a snitch. Don’t turn your back on unions and their fights against unchecked power. If it weren’t for unions, your kids would end up like the chimney sweeps in Oliver Twist. Without solidarity, like the exported poor of Ireland, you’ll be carted off to the feudal plebiscites of a New World Order to destroy people for you masters. Imperial, unending power requires conflict and violence. Once a system of power resorts to violence to sell its message, it is no longer relevant.

I’ve traveled in Asia and Europe and Central America and seen poverty. I’ve seen the way money warps communities and perpetuates the unfair systems of power. If you study the history of surveillance and espionage in the United States (no longer world cop, just world asshole) you would be able to see I’m coming from a fertile contextual perspective, and not some dust bowl of paranoia wherein my
Cowardice and consent, silence, are not characteristics of freedom. And the people holding your leash know it. Live your life one choice at a time. The ramifications will spread. You just have to stand up, get up, stand up for your rights.

All that glitters is not gold. Sometimes it’s the light of truth.

“You can fool some people sometimes,
But you can’t fool all the people all the time.
So now we see the light (What you gonna do?),
We gonna stand up for our rights! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!)”
Bob Marley – “Get Up, Stand Up”

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