Happy Memorial Day With Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh with a message of love. The body is the seat of consciousness, a wonder, a connection to the cosmic, sophisticated and generous.

Both of my grandfather were in the Navy. One was an officer who never saw battle. One was an ambulance driver in France. They both served in WWII. One returned to teach government social policy, to aid in the development of a welfare administration program for people with mental disorders, illnesses and challenges. The other served as a deacon in a church, farmed, worked as a mechanic. One traveled the world, taught at universities in the USA and Kenya. One went deeply into his religion. Both spent their last decade alive doing nothing but farming, giving away the product of their labor. They came back from the terror of war, of which neither of them ever spoke a single word, able to bear the poverty and need of their community. It is an honor to have been instructed to recognize the suffering in one’s community and to focus oneself on ameliorating struggle of one’s neighbor. They showed me how to plant seeds of charity and hope.

It begins with the body. It ends with healing. It begins with labor. It continues with wisdom, which is eternal.

Happy Memorial Day, for those that bring healing, for those that sacrificed their bodies in the hopes that we never suffer another war. We must learn to love. It is the lesson of life.

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