Twelve miles. Booya! Up and early, bright and squirrelly. I ran to a cross country track and did a few, ran down to the river, then back home. It felt good until it didn’t. I nearly stepped on a turtle. Curses. I ran on dew-kissed grasses in the sunshine. I just missed the deluge. Rain all week, which is great for washing away the pollen, rolled in this afternoon. I’m having a rough time this year with it, though it’s nothing like Georgia’s floating oceans of pine pollen. I taught my son how to get honeysuckle nectar yesterday. It’s sweet, but it makes for lots of sneezes.

I love running in the rain in the summer. I might go out this evening and have a go at it.

Eastern Box Turtle

Juneathon 2014 monthly miles:  53.9.  I’m on-target for my year-long goal of 2014 miles. I hope to make them fun!