Ermagerd so tired. Ran 1.5 miles to brirge ern berk. Slept elevern hers. Translation: I am completely worn out from the run, the medicine, the illness. I managed to run, like a robot, to the river. i ran in my street clothes and sandals. I forgot anti-chafe. It was a nice night. I ran down a hill, crossed over the water, which smelled bad, then I ran home, more or less destroyed.  Going back up that hill was a lonely mile. Kicked the last half mile, so weak. Came inside, drank a mighty glass of water, tried to compose my thoughts. The next thing I know it’s 6 am. I lie down and sleep almost until 9 am. My family let me sleep, so kind. My baby woke me up, babbling nonsense to me. 

I hate opiates.They’re handy, but destructive.I think they’re screwing with my recovery. Distance: 165.8/June