Ran underneath a roiling electrical storm. Lightning flickered through a front that came in from the West and the South, on two flanks. The air was very hot and thick. I’m breathing better. I’m coughing almost not at all. If I try, I can shake a couple of marbles loose, so I try to keep drinking water. It’s becoming easier to run because of this? IDK if it’s a combo shared with the ultramarathon snapback. They call me Captain Rubberband.

I went to price a new cassette recorder today, outfitted my mountain bike with LED lights and an old school rotary bell [r-r-r-ring r-r-r-ring!]. Getting ready for Saturday.

Walked to the bridge today, following last night’s run, so my son could throw rocks in the water and see them splash below. So hot today, nasty heat. I’m nearly over this bronchitis. I have two more days of antibiotics. Looking forward to getting my lungs back. I need them.

I did a little hill work tonight. I headed straight at the storm to the south flank. I would have liked to have gotten two or three more miles in, but the storm was dazzling in its sweep across the horizon. When I could smell the rain I turned and zipped back to my neighborhood. The rain caught me a couple of blocks from home. I could smell ozone on the breeze. The lightning woke the baby, and so I stretched in the kitchen with a fat little boy slapping me with a purple shovel.

Total miles/ June 2014: 122