Seven Questions About SCOTUS Ruling on Hobby Lobby

  1. Will I have to become a Biblical, Torah or Koran scholar in order to negotiate benefits packages for my employees?
  2. What about the Tao Te Ching? Can I argue for a flat wage for all citizens in order to support the concept of ultimate egalitarianism?
  3. How many focus groups would I need to attend to qualify my support for a pay raise cycle for temp employees based upon obscure, newly unearthed interpretations of the Upanishads?
  4. What if I have to sacrifice a chicken in my office in order to qualify for a vacation from my Santeria boss?
  5. Is flagellation covered? Are there group rates?
  6. What about the FSM? Is this going to affect my access to marinara sauce?
  7. Giving business my moral compass is ridiculous. What if ISIS bought Hobby Lobby?

This is exactly EXACTLY why the idea of privatized health insurance is total bullshit. We need a single-payer option. Societies pride themselves on being able to care for its people. How the heck is health and wellness NOT a public utility? Do you know anyone who is against living, and if so, what’s the basis and precedent for their argument?

The heterogeneity of wome’s’ health plays havoc with the predictive powers of economists who need things to be easy for pretend-money time. When WWII dumped a percentage of women into the workforce, especially the industrial pool, the government forbade the manufacturing of certain goods, capped wages, and rationed things like meat and gasoline. But they didn’t ration healthcare. That’s stupid. Obviously the best option would be to outlaw private insurance and go completely social. All pay, everyone. That’s like choosing which roads to pay for, which types of deadly pollutants to filter out of my town’s water. “I like fluoride, it helps me shit. Nevermind the brain damage. Mercury, well, it puts roses on my cheeks. Nevermind the brain damage.” SCOTUS is five dudes and three women. Looks unfair to me.

Blacks got the right to vote in the 19th century in the USA, women in the 20th century. Abrahamic religions don’t do much for egalitarian treatment of women. Just imagine if ISIS bought Lobby Lobby. What if Scientologists bought Home Depot and cut everyone’s access to psychiatric services? What if a saint bought Amazon and offered everyone healthcare for free? It’s better if they had no power to meddle in one’s palliative care.

SCOTUS is stupid. This is an oligarchy, a farce. Boo!

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