Janathon Day 18: Baby run

Took a baby run down by the river. Most of the snow has melted with the morning rain. i ran on empty streets. The river was awash with run-off, the slate green of ancient chalkboards.

I ran 4.08 miles, at 8:06/8:821/8:26/10:00 pace. the first and last miles were half-hill, half-flat, the middle miles flat. It was 37F outside, windy.

Tomorrow I’m doing a long run to honor MLK, Jr.

It felt good to get some faster miles in, to burn off some of the overwhelming dissatisfaction of being mortal and sensitive. Now I’m ready to go to work. Last night’s highlights:

  • Pulling out a Texas Chainsaw Massacre/Hills Have Eyes decrepit trailer compound/junkyard in the Jesusfuckthis Mountains, I catch in the hi beams of my CUV the weirdo who paid for my pizza sitting IN THE DARK with three other men, all huddled around the open box –  in the freezing cold behind the collapsing filthy mobile home – which he’d placed atop the hood of an old junked pick-up truck. They were eating the pizza in a junkyard in the dark, no working cars that I could see anywhere, no lights anywhere.
  • Paper sign hand-written and duct-taped to someone’s rusting front door, snarling dogs growling behind it: “Take off your shose before you come inside or gret the fuck out! Thanks, Jimmy”
  • Four college kids freaked out of their minds on somethings, eyes glazed and completely dialated, arguing with me nervously that they didn’t just overpay me by giving me $50 instead of $33 for an incredibly large order of food. I broke the moment by acting like i’d made a mistake and left, apologizing for my “mistake”, much to their relief.
  • Learning why a co-worker had been stabbed in the ass with a broken beer bottle last week. “It was a fucking tweaker and he was going to kill William [another co-worker] ’cause he kept calling him ‘B & B’.”
  • Learning that B & B stands for “Butter n Biscuit” and calling a tweaker B & B can get you severely injured. I saw pics. That girl’s ass is torn up.

I can’t wait to move on up like Iron Man,  I dedicate this to anyone who ever sought revenge for getting green glassed by a tweaker. 

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