January 19: Long Run, finally

It’s been six months since I could run more than 2.5 hours. Today I finally rounded that corner. I had a run in temps parked just above freezing, my ideal temps. My water pack bladder bag was totally ruined. Mold has eaten giant craters in the soft plastic nipple housing. I had to do without. I picked a route that would give me access to water at mile 13, grabbed a bottle, three gels and a couple of salt caps.

This was my route. My Garmin won’t upload data, so I have to map my routes on mapmyrun.spatzle, I did okay for the first all miles, and finished off okay with the last every mile. I paced slowly and ran the entire way. Previous to this, I did 15 miles in August, then 11 miles  sometime earlier this month. I’m going to focus, though, on getting my strength and speed back. I was frikkin starving by the time i finished.

The route takes me up and over some hills, then down into a wooded valley along a creek, through a weird little village called Daiseytown, before climbing back up over a hill in California, then the road descends to the river, which I recrossed much slower, much slower. I saw some interesting new murals painted on buildings in Daiseytown. people are getting high as fuck in Daiseytown, apparently. You don’t do day-glo American Gothic style paintings on the side of a barn and paint the word “OZ” on the roof unless you’re getting some good weed.

This is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. i saw a news crew van pass by, white driver, white passenger, pull over to chat with some black ladies at a bus stop next to CALU campus. Hopefully they wanted to chat about debt slavery. Tuition keeps rising, wages don’t. After paying mine down for a decade, the amount I owe has barely budged. That’s because I’m stupid and made mistakes, LOTS of them, but hey, look over there, is that Neil Armstrong?

White people in white suits in a white rocket fly to the whitest place in the solar system. So white and bright in space you need gold on your visor. Space bling. It’s more exclusive than any gated community. Hell, there’s not even enough air to breathe unless you were specifically invited, and even then, you have to bring your own. BYOB, Bring Your Own Breathe. And they rode around in a car, grabbed some souvenirs, played some golf. Whitey on the moon.

Anyways, it was a nice day. The sun looks like it might be coming out. I hope it does, i need some sun. i turned down a “one month job” today, will turn down another job later tonight because it promises welfare wages, plus less hours than what I work now.

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