Janathon Day 22: Garmin Dump

I hate Garmin. The watch I use gets signal about 25% of the time. Downloading and syncing requires me to import new software barnacled with stupid toolbars, pop-up coupon turd windows, search engines I don’t need, driver vampires, all sorts of malicious bullshit. I downloaded the new version of Garmin Express today to get my recorded runs for the month. It crashed my browser. Luckily, because I anticipated this, the eighteen tabs I had running while studying calculus and metamaterial nanofabrication were saved in a bookmark folder. Reopened. Then the computer rebooted with a pile of garbage all over my browser. I had to uninstall a half dozen programs, reject a Java toolbar for the billionth time, and then tuck the Garmin software away. After I load thses links I’m going to kill it again and never sync with my laptop again. Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t know how much patience I have left to go through this again, for like the fifth time.

Here are raw links.






Anyways, all for that.

I did about 5.75 miles last night, hills and flats, late at night. Temps were around 27F, very humid. About halfway through i suffered an electrolyte crash and felt a sort of full-body cramp for some reason. i stopped, caught my breath, started slow, then picked it up again.

My stride is improving. I’m running faster, getting my wind back faster after cresting a hill. I’m still not fast, not fast at all.

I ran for 58 minutes. The fourth miles was pretty slow, the last one fairly slow.

The weirdo who calls me Butter-Em-Biscuits was out, driving, and hollered “Butter-Em-Biscuits!” at me. I gave a jubilant fist pump, my best Ric Flair whoop, and kept going.

I came home and tried to recover from a splitting headache I’ve had for a couple of days. I studied calculus for a couple hours and went to bed.

I woke up pretty stiff. I’m going to need to do eighteen miles again Sunday morning. I’ll do a marathon on the 31st.


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