I went sledding with the old born child today, ran around the block once. i did a mile. The sledding was exhausting. Tramping up a hill over and over in the snow. I also ran around the block once, and I hung out with Darth Vader and had vegan sandwiches at his crib. I had the feeling he wanted to leave, but I didn’t. have anywhere to go. And I love him. I can’t find my keys.

Here’s a completely professional and acutely rendered, sophisticated video mash-up depicting my day’s activities. It featured both MBV and Tame Impala’s music. I slapped this together before work. I know, pure genius. I mean, I know pure genius. I just wish I was pure genius. Shit, I wish I was mostly impure genius…which, by definition…is still just plain old impure genius. You can’t have something partially impure. It’s an absolute: either it’s pure or impure.

Hopefully I get more than three hours sleep tonight.