Janathon Day 26 and 27: Rage and sadness

I’m getting only about three hours of sleep at night. I saw a physician and he gave me some ‘scripts. I took them to the pharmacy and left them there. I can’t afford the medication. Not only that, some of it is considered “too toxic for realistic use” and blood work has been ordered for the 28th. Went home and ate chocolate after work. I spent half the day trying to get medicine, the second half working in a snow storm.

Today I spent a half hour trying to get a newly hired supervisor for the state-exchange healthcare system implemented to counter the AHCA to explain the necessity of their office based upon these admissions:

  • Information I sent was not received, therefore I am required to send more information
  • Their fax machine is almost always unavailable, because there is ONE fax machine available to applicants for state-sponsored healthcare. To date, over 100,000 people in PA applied for healthcare in the first week alone. Now in the third week of January, that number has tripled. So, that means that the office is currently able to serve 0.0012% of the applicants per day providing they all have to use the fax machine. At that rate, it will be May 21, 2016 before the 300,000 applicants who’ve applied are served. Meanwhile, the deadline for all applications arrive seven fucking days after receiving the letter of determination (the letter stating the initial application didn’t capture the info necessary to process the application and whose fucking fault is that?) Making it statistically impossible to send the info by the single fax machine available.
  • The specific information in the determination letter did not specify what information was…never received and would be unable to be received anyways…and the info needed kept changing the more I kept the super on the phone Jesus Fucking Christ.
  • Citing my foreclosed home, loss of job, it was determined that the assets I’d liquidated because the bank would take everything I had left, it was considered income, since the foreclosure process takes MONTHS if not YEARS. Nobody knows!
  • Fuck ousted Governor Tom Corbett that rat fink piece of shit, protector of pedophiles, fracking ghouls, school killer, baby eater, die, motherfucker. (actually this one was unspoken)
  • The super admitted I would be roundly rejected anyways, but I needed to receive a rejection in order to reapply. And this is where I lost my mind. It’s in that statement somewhere. I told her that was patently insane. And on top of that, I was expected to drag my children around to the only place in town I can fax something, then to the post office when that failed, (after the trip to the bank – they require statement requests in person good lord) in a snow storm in order to support this ludicrous insanity.
  • If i did not complete this process successfully within 48 hours I would be fined, in what way would this ridiculous bureaucracy be able to defend itself reasonably when I refused to pay fine. One fax machine, lost info, no clear method of determination. What a joke.

So, I’m going to spend my day trying to get blood work, then go drive around in a fucking snowstorm all evening. It’s important to realize that this stress contributes to my health problems. Not that it fucking matters.

Cost of one medication with insurance $29. Cost without, $995. Cost of other medication with insurance $56, without insurance $345. Then there’s a third medication. I don’t even know what that one costs. However, I am aware that it causes impotence, so there’s that. I wish I had some magic mushrooms, maybe some money. Maybe some magic money.

So, I’ve been doing some lateral toddler lifting, curls and kettle throws. Ice dancing in the dark while holding heavy weights.

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