I discovered a new yoga exercise: Cross country push-ups


New yoga exercise ~

Cross Country Push-Ups

Flexões pelos-pais,  Portugese legendas

This is a great way to keep in shape while you are on the go.

  1. First, roll up and put the mat aside.
  2. Put on socks.
  3. Lie on the floor.
  4. Keeping back straight, lift your body with your arms fully extended, like a push-up.
  5. Now, keeping your legs together, push yourself backwards across the house, one arm at a time.
  6. I did a lap through the living, dining, kitchen and foyer.
    You cannot see where you are going.
  7. You will have trouble on low-pile carpet or rugs.
  8. You will be calm and breathe deeply, pushing furniture and children askance with your blind, relentless backwards motion.
  9. There will be laughter, and much deep breathing.
  10. You will pass the spouse having her own yoga adventure and be asked to answer questions.
Cornering is tricky, so Cross-Country Push-Ups can be an opportunity for more exploration exercises in that area, or any area. Except upstairs. I am not that advanced!



This video contains Portuguese subtitles and a poll about Bob Denver. 

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