Open letter to Senator Toomey about the $60K Howbow Dahbacle

Senator, you said you couldn’t hear our voices. I call bullshit.


I wasn’t out of state, Senator. I contacted both you and Bob Casey. He responded by rejecting her because of her gross inexperience with education.

You turned off your phone and left town so you wouldn’t have to deal with it. Now you have shut down your office equipment. I don’t want to contact @SenToomey by social media. This is serious. I have kids and I feel someone with experience in educaction can make a good candidate for the @usedgov, and @SenBobCasey knew that.

If you look at the history of education, you come across scholars and visionaries, even beauracratic squares just there to keep things running smooth, but DeVos thinks you can cure autism with biofeedback machines, and invested in gay conversion efforts.

I’m posting here because I’m hoping a message reaches you somehow on your deserted isle, my sweet Gilligan of the Keystone State. You must take barriers to progress seriously. Or money. Take serious money, amirite?

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